Now you can afford to store it all. Active archives, long-term archives, no matter–because at Wasabi, data storage is simply data storage. And it’s all hot storage.

Data Archiving

Digital transformation and big data are fueling today’s dynamic business climate. So you might find yourself requiring access not only to your active data, but to “cold” archived data, as well. Even on a moment’s notice. That’s because it’s now an on-demand world, not just for movies, grocery delivery and ride-sharing, but for enterprise data as well.

Whether you need your archived data for compliance reasons, to maintain business continuity, for legal purposes or something else, extending your on-premises or remote tape storage into Wasabi hot cloud storage puts that data–hot or cold–at your fingertips, instantly. And you don’t have to pay anything extra for the privilege.


No More Tiers

IT teams typically move seldom-used data that their companies are required to keep to lower-cost, “cold” storage tiers as a cost-control strategy. But in the era of big data, the concept of cold data is disappearing. Even archived data can become “hot” and provide valuable insights for your business. The industry calls this an “active archive.” Active archiving requires a hot storage solution, one that gets rid of slow performance and complicated pricing tiers.

Cloud storage makes your data easily accessible while eliminating on-premise equipment expenses and providing infinite scalability. But legacy cloud services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform remain tiered, costly, and complicated. With those services, data slotted for long-term archiving costs the least to store but is the most expensive and time-consuming to retrieve. There’s nothing “hot” about it.

At Wasabi, we offer a single hot cloud storage service tier with predictable, straightforward and affordable pricing. Archived data becomes accessible whenever you need it. There are no retrieval fees. And you’re liberated from having to make arbitrary decisions about which tiers to use to store your enterprise data.

Because at Wasabi, data storage is simply data storage. And it’s all hot storage.

Lower costs and higher performance than cold cloud storage

It doesn’t cost you anything to turn archived data into hot data. Storing your data in Wasabi hot cloud storage costs less than cold cloud storage tiers like Amazon Glacier and Google Coldline. And data retrieval is faster than other “frequent-access storage” services.

Because of Wasabi’s hot cloud storage economics, the distinctions between data backup, active archiving, long-term archiving, and disaster recovery are disappearing. There’s just storage, period—fast enough for backup and recovery, and cheap enough for archiving. So now you don’t have to throw anything away. You can afford to keep it all. And you can find it and access it right when you need it.

Different Kinds of Data, Different Kinds of Archives

The concept of cold data storage is becoming a thing of the past. When all your data can be stored at the same low price and retrieved with industry-leading performance, data is just data—cheap to store, fast to access.

Active data
Data that resides on direct access storage media, is readily visible to the operating system or application that created it, and is immediately accessible to users. This data is regularly in use and is frequently backed up so that it remains accessible if it should become lost or corrupted.

Active archive
Data that’s too valuable to discard but is accessed rarely.

Inactive archive
Data that’s unlikely to be accessed again, but must be kept for compliance, legal, regulatory, or other business reasons.


Hot cloud storage costs less than yesterday’s cold cloud storage. Now you can afford to keep all your data.


Performance speeds faster than the competition means your data is always at your fingertips.


Guard your data from mishaps, hackers, and thieves with the cloud’s first immutable data storage.

No Tiers

Hot data archiving means no more data tiers: you get fast access to all data, hot or cold, at the same low price.

Wasabi in Action

Industry Use Cases

Whatever your industry, data is the force that drives it. You can’t gain insights from data you deleted or tucked away in a salt mine. You should be able to affordably store and quickly retrieve all your data whenever your business demands it.

Whether it’s data for a compliance audit, legal records for the courtroom, or something else, you can now have archived data at your fingertips. And in the era of big data, you can even take the opportunity to use years or even decades of archived data to deliver new analytics insights today. You could bring old data to life for new applications, or even find new ways to monetize your archived data.

Key Partners

XenData is a provider of massively scalable windows-based on-premise and public cloud data storage systems. The company’s Cloud File Gateway is certified for use with Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Komprise Intelligent Adaptive Data Management archives, replicates, and protects data transparently across your data storage, on premise or cloud.

Why Wasabi

Active Archiving
Many customers archive infrequently accessed data to Wasabi to save money compared to first- generation cloud storage or on-premise solutions. By using Wasabi, you free up expensive on-site storage capacity and avoid costly on-premise equipment upgrades. And Wasabi provides the same economic advantages of a cold cloud storage tier like Amazon Glacier—but without the retrieval delays and extra data access charges.

Law Enforcement Data Retention and Compliance
Law enforcement agencies use Wasabi hot cloud storage for durable and cost-effective long-term data retention and compliance. Body camera programs, for example, can generate thousands of hours of video every day. All that footage must be safely preserved for trial and securely archived for years (or permanently for homicide cases). Wasabi provides eleven 9s of object durability, protecting videos against disk failures and media errors. And our data immutability feature protects against administrative mishaps, malware and ransomware; an immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, including Wasabi.

7 Wonders Cinema stores archive video footage from the hard drives it uses everyday and can instantly access those files for future projects. Learn More

Media and Entertainment
Wasabi is fundamentally transforming storage for the media and entertainment industry with the most affordable and highest-performing cloud storage solution. As video resolutions and frame rates increase and new multi-viewpoint virtual-reality projects multiply, storage requirements for entertainment projects are skyrocketing. Movie, television and game producers can use Wasabi to store rapidly expanding video libraries in the cloud at radically low cost—without sacrificing data security or integrity. Inexpensive, fast and reliable, Wasabi is ideal for video production collaboration, backup and archiving applications.

Novus Insight helps law enforcement agencies by storing massive body-cam video libraries. Learn More

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