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Global Managed Service Provider OffsiteDataSync Cuts Archival Storage Costs With Wasabi+Veeam


Managed Service Provider

Use Cases 

Data Archiving Service


Cost-effective, fast, secure, and scalable storage platform for backup as a service offering


Wasabi hot cloud storage + Veeam Backup & Replication + OffsiteDataSync


  • Ultra-low-cost cloud storage minimizes expenses and optimizes margins
  • Simple, predictable pricing eliminates surprise storage bills
  • Veeam integration streamlines backup and recovery functions
  • Direct Megaport connection accelerates service agility and network performance

“Wasabi is a faster solution that is less expensive than other providers. We found their solution to be easy and they are incredibly flexible to do business with.”

– Jim Klossner, CTO, OffsiteDataSync


OffsiteDataSync (ODS), a global provider of cloud services, uses Wasabi hot cloud storage and Veeam® Backup & Replication to power its new cloud-based data archiving service, ODS Chilled®. The tightly integrated solution reduces the managed service provider’s archival storage costs and improves business results. OffsiteDataSync goes to market with Wasabi under the ODS Chilled brand, avoiding archival storage equipment expense and complexity, while accelerating time-to-market and service agility.

Business Challenge: Cost-Effective, Fast, Secure and Scalable Archival Storage

OffsiteDataSync, a leading provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Disaster-Recovery-as-Service and Backup-as-a-Service solutions, was searching for an effective archival storage solution to enhance its cloud backup offering. “ODS Chilled, our new archival option, will allow customers to better align storage costs with data value, delivering a lower total cost of ownership,” said Jim Klossner, CTO of OffsiteDataSync. Klossner required a cost-effective, fast, secure and scalable storage platform to support the new offering.

Solution: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Veeam Backup & Replication

After evaluating several options, including Amazon S3, OffsiteDataSync selected Wasabi hot cloud storage for its archival tier. “Wasabi is a faster solution that is less expensive than other providers. We found their solution to be easy and they are incredibly flexible to do business with,” continued Klossner. “Unlike with other providers, if we have a question, our team can just pick up the phone and have a technical discussion with a product expert.”

Wasabi’s partnership with Veeam also played an important role in the decision. OffsiteDataSync is the largest Veeam Cloud Partner globally and leverages Veeam data protection solutions in its cloud backup and recovery services. “Veeam had great things to say about Wasabi and suggested we take a look at them for the archival tier,” recalls Klossner. Wasabi integrates seamlessly with Veeam’s Backup and Replication product. The combined solution allows OffsiteDataSync to preserve its existing administrative practices, avoiding retooling and retraining.

OffsiteDataSync connects directly to Wasabi via Megaport, a high-capacity, software-defined network that delivers bandwidth on-demand. The dedicated connection avoids internet latency, performance bottlenecks, and security risks, providing reliable, high-speed access to Wasabi.

Global Managed Service Provider Cuts Archival Storage Costs With Wasabi

Results: Effective and Affordable Backup & Recovery

Wasabi provides a fast and economical storage repository for OffsiteDataSync’s new archival service, ODS Chilled. The data archival tier provides OffsiteDataSync customers long term, compliant, and durable backup storage for data with less-stringent recovery time objectives. Wasabi’s low-cost, pay-as-you-grow pricing—with no egress fees or API charges—lets the global service provider avoid capital equipment outlays and surprise storage bills, and tightly aligns ongoing operating expenses with business demands.

Wasabi’s Veeam integration accelerates OffsiteDataSync’s time-to-market and streamlines backup and recovery functions. And with the direct Megaport SDN connection, OffsiteDataSync can provision bandwidth in real-time to quickly turn-up new customers.

ODS Chilled, the new Wasabi + Veeam powered archival offering, enables OffsiteDataSync to expand its service portfolio, grow revenue and provide a lower total cost of ownership data storage solution for its customers.