Wasabi Bucket Replication

Copy data from a storage bucket in one Wasabi region to a bucket in another Wasabi region of the same continent

Technical Data Sheet

What is Wasabi Bucket Replication?

Bucket Replication is a feature of Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager that allows customers to copy objects from a storage bucket in a specific Wasabi region to a different bucket in another Wasabi region of the same continent. This is ideal for adding an extra layer of data protection, meeting compliance and sovereignty requirements, or minimizing latency.

Bucket replication between Wasabi regions with Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager is a no cost service for Wasabi customers. Replication of buckets between Wasabi regions only incurs the cost of the additional storage. There are no network transfer costs and no API request charges. 

Data Protection

Avoid accidental data loss

Protect against geographical outages

Keep a “golden copy” of data preserved while granting access to copies

Data Compliance

Meet governmental requirements for data protection

Adhere to industry standards for data replication

Minimize Latency

Maintain additional copies in regions closer to users

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Launch Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager Portal
  • Add your account credentials
  • Select your Source and Destination Bucket
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