Surveillance: Covering All the Angles

Wasabi for Video Surveillance helps you store and access video files quickly and at a disruptively affordable price.

Surveillance Video Data is Growing Exponentially

In recent years we’ve seen video surveillance systems gain increased popularity among both public sector bodies looking to defend public safety and companies rolling out new customer experiences, such as self-service checkouts and, more recently, “till-less” grocery shopping. With the surveillance video market recently projected to grow to more than $68 billion between 2020 and 2025, cross-sector demand is clearly apparent.

The market is growing so rapidly due to the proliferation of high-resolution cameras and regulation increasing retention periods are driving the need for large storage capacities. This growth and retention is straining the infrastructure needed to support it, and burdening staff and budgets.

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Video: Surveillance Industry Use Case


A Boom in Video Surveillance Data

Of the estimated 175 zettabytes that global data storage is anticipated to reach by 2025, a major part will be generated by video footage. A single 4K video camera can generate over 250GB of data per day. As resolution quality improves, the volume of data that needs to be stored will continue to increase rapidly.

Storing surveillance video on premises can drain your budget. Estimates for retail deployments indicate that on-premises storage is approximately 30% of the cost, with network video cameras at 25%, while servers, networking, and Video Management Software (VMS) make up the remainder.

Using Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Surveillance changes that. With Wasabi, organizations can maintain their current VMS setup on-premises and reap the benefits of the cost-efficient cloud while never running out of storage capacity.


Challenge 1:

On-prem storage runs out of capacity, forcing organizations to choose between deleting old video or purchasing additional storage

Challenge 2:

There is a high cost of ownership for on-prem storage: Hard costs: capital expense of hardware and software, infrastructure costs of networking, power, cooling, floor space Soft costs: staffing, product acquisition and lead times, installation and maintenance, technology refreshes and data migrations

Key Features

  • Endlessly affordable pricing
  • Instant accessibility
  • Digital evidence preservation and protection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Industry-leading performance


  • Store more video for longer at a much lower cost
  • Keep all your surveillance video safe
  • Apply analytics to video pools to create Data Lakes
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Inherent resiliency and data integrity

Want to move your surveillance storage to the cloud?

Start storing surveillance video with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, its quick, convenient and cost-effective.

The Hybrid Approach

Deploying a hybrid cloud approach that air-gaps VMS on-premises, while utilizing the cloud primarily for storage, is one of the best ways to make sure your surveillance video data is both backed-up and secure.

In a surveillance context, recent video would be stored locally for the sake of speed – where it will be stored for a day or two, until it’s copied to the cloud where it can be kept for as long as the organization needs it. This way, organizations can maintain operational stability (e.g. speed, bandwidth and guarding against latency) and comply with legal requirements that may require data retention for years on end.

Overall, as video surveillance systems become more technologically advanced, the more important it becomes for companies to be mindful of how they manage their data, and make sure it’s stored in a way that’s flexible, reliable and secure.

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