Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Infinitely affordable and predictably priced cloud object storage. No complex tiers. No fees for egress or API calls.

What is Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

Hot Cloud Storage is simple, fast, and affordable cloud object storage. There are no archival or warm storage tiers to deal with–it’s just one tier of highly secure, low-latency storage that’s as fast or faster than the hyperscalers’ most expensive frequent-access tiers, yet priced closer to what you’d expect to pay for slower archive storage. This makes Wasabi the ideal storage target for a wide variety of use cases, from active archives to offsite backups, to hybrid cloud storage.

Best of all, there are no additional fees for egress of API calls, so you get straightforward pricing that eliminates the guesswork associated with using AWS S3 and other hyperscale storage services and free cloud storage providers.

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Cloud Storage that is simple, predictable, affordable and secure


No complicated tiers or additional fees for egress or API calls


Fast uploads and downloads and private network options


Data center redundancy, bucket replication, and data immutability

Stop paying cloud transaction fees

According to a recent independent survey, enterprises are spending almost as much on storage fees as they are on storage capacity. These “transaction fees” that legacy cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) charge are in addition to the high per-terabyte fees you’re already paying to store your data.

Transactions such as retrieving data, restoring files, testing backups, or moving data between storage tiers are common and necessary operations that add up fast. And because it’s difficult to predict how many of these transactions you’ll need to perform in a given month, it’s impossible to predict your overall storage bill.

In fact, of the 61% of IT decision-makers that reported going over budget on their cloud storage in 2022, the vast majority (91%) cited one or more transaction fee types as the reason why.

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What percentage of your organization’s total public cloud storage subscription/bill is allocated to the following areas

Migrate your data from any S3-compliant storage provider

We’ll even pay your egress fees.

One ultra-fast tier of cloud storage for a variety of business-critical use cases

Backup and Recovery 

Test and restore with no egress or transaction fees

Protect from ransomware with immutable buckets

Increase RTO/RPO with high performance hot cloud storage   

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Active Media Archive

Reclaim expensive on-prem storage space

Instantly access archived content with no additional costs for egress

Enable virtual editing and collaboration with low-latency hot cloud storage 

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Surveillance Video Storage

Cloud-enable your on-prem VMS in minutes

Cost-effectively extend the capacity of your on-prem storage

Disaster-proof your video files with immutable cloud backups

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S3-compatible cloud storage connects easily to your existing apps and tools

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is 100% compatible with AWS S3 and IAM APIs, making it an ideal addition to your multi-cloud strategy or as a drop-in replacement when designing any cloud-based storage solution.
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The simplest, most secure way to store more data

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No fees for egress or API requests

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Enterprise-grade cloud storage with 13 global storage regions

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The only cloud storage purpose-built for large enterprises and MSPs

Wasabi is the only cloud storage service that enables MSPs or any large, multi-divisional organization, to provision, monitor, and manage multiple storage accounts with a single pane of glass. Streamline billing and administration, enhance service and support, and turn cloud storage services into a profit center for your IT department with Wasabi Account Control Manager.

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