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Storage: 100 TB

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per year

Wasabi: $5,040/yr

AWS S3: $27,600/yr

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Storage: 500 TB

per year

Wasabi: $25,200/yr

AWS S3: $126,000/yr

80% Savings

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Storage: 1 PB

per year

Wasabi: $50,400/yr

AWS S3: $252,000/yr

80% Savings

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Storage: 1 TB

per year

Wasabi: $50.40/yr

AWS S3: $276.00/yr

82% Savings

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Storage: 25 TB

per year

Wasabi: $1,260/yr

AWS S3: $6,900/yr

82% Savings

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*Pricing is based on published list prices from the respective vendors website.

Insanely fast.


These performance test results are for read actions involving
1 MB files across 10 threads using proven third-party testing methodologies.

Explore more features and benefits of Wasabi Storage.

No More Storage Tiers

Optimal price & performance across a one class of storage

S3-Compatible API

No need to change your
S3-compatible storage apps


Eleven 9s of durability equals the durability capabilities of S3


Unique ability to easily support unalterable storage buckets

Insanely Fast
TTFB Speeds

Delivers average time-to-first-byte (TTFB) speeds of less than 15 ms


Ensures storage data is immediately ready, right after it’s written (not later)

Active Integrity Checking

All storage objects are read and checked for integrity every 90 days

Wasabi Features

Solving Most Storage Needs.

Multi-Cloud Storage

Multi-Cloud Storage

Keep a second copy of your storage for 20% of the cost of storing it in Amazon S3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For less than 1/5th the price of a second copy in Amazon S3, you can keep a live copy of your Amazon data in Wasabi. If you are running applications in AWS, bugs in applications, human error, and malware frequently cause data losses in primary storage. If Amazon should ever go down, you can still access the Wasabi copy. Don’t take a chance. Wasabi can provide you with 3rd party utilities that will allow you to easily and automatically copy your S3 databases to Wasabi. Wasabi is fully compatible with Amazon S3 APIs and S3-compliant data.

Ad supported Consumer Applications

Ad supported Consumer Applications

Fast, affordable storage for building next generation advertising-based applications There are more and more free applications available to consumers that are supported solely by advertising. For some of these applications, particularly those that involve photos or videos, storage costs can make or break a business model. A business model that may be unprofitable at S3’s price of 2.3 cents/GB/Month might be very profitable at Wasabi’s price of .39 cents/GB/Month.

Big Data Applications / Large Data Sets

Big Data Applications / Large Data Sets

Fast data analysis for data intensive application storage. Requirements are growing for rapid data analysis on very large data sets. For example, with Wasabi, a company that wants to run facial recognition on a 1 GB video file can move a single 1 GB object into a public or private compute cloud in just 2 seconds. By contrast, reading a single 1 GB video file from Amazon S3 would typically take much longer.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Meet compliance regulations with inerasable and unalterable data buckets. Many regulations require that data be stored in such a way that it is impossible to alter or delete data and that chain of custody can be proven in a court of law. Wasabi is designed from the ground up to facilitate compliance with a wide range of regulations.

Scientific Research, Imaging & Astronomy

Scientific Research, Imaging & Astronomy

Economical, fast storage of large volume data sets. Some scientific experiments, including telescopes, particle colliders, and genomics, can create petabytes of data in a short period of time. Security applications, such as municipal or federal surveillance operations also generate enormous amounts of data that may be retained for months or even years. Wasabi is not only the most economical way to store such large volumes of data, but it is the only cloud storage product capable of ingesting data at a rate of more than 43,000 GBs per day.

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Wasabi Founders

The dynamic duo of cloud storage, Wasabi’s co-founders Jeff Flowers and David Friend have a long and successful history as partners in building many great technology companies together. Perhaps best known for co-founding Carbonite, one of the world’s leading cloud storage companies, Jeff and David have been innovators in storage for over three decades. It was their shared vision for a next generation cloud storage architecture that gave birth to Wasabi, the pioneers of hot storage.