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If data is the lifeblood of your company, Hot Cloud Storage is the lifeblood of your data

About Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage


We shed the old-fashioned storage tiers and complex pricing schemes to give you the easiest and most cost-effective experience possible.


We’re democratizing cloud storage by making storage faster than AWS S3 & more cost effective than Glacier. Join the revolution.


We’re constantly redefining the industry standards for price and performance. Stay ahead of the pack with Wasabi.

Our Mission

Wasabi makes saving data simple, affordable, fast and secure. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage removes the complicated decision of where, how and whether to save your data, and empowers you to transform your business and organization through cost savings and disruptive speed and performance.

Why We Matter

As data more and more becomes the lifeblood of companies, the more their businesses will depend on where they store that data. Through a combination of affordability, speed and security Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage powers companies with an unmatched ability to leverage all of their data.

Wasabi is game changing, leading edge cloud technology affordably storing an infinite amount of data. An entirely new approach to cloud storage… a bottomless cloud that grows with your business.

We were founded by David Friend and Jeff Flowers, creators of Carbonite and two of the leading minds in storage. Day in and day out, cloud storage is the only thing we think about. This single-minded approach is driven by the belief that: the future depends on the commoditization of cloud storage, commoditization depends on radically inexpensive, fast and secure storage, and that depends on the kinds of technological breakthroughs only absolute focus can bring.

Fast Growing and Award Winning Cloud Storage Company for the Ages

Recognized as a disruptive and leading cloud storage platform for the data driven generation

“Wasabi is on a mission to make cloud storage a simple commodity and utility, just like electricity.”

— Wasabi CEO David Friend

Our Story

Wasabi is making data storage a commodity like electricity. You pay as you need it, it’s always on and always available. Why is the commoditization of storage so vital? If not already, data is fast becoming the lifeblood of whatever business you’re in. Which means that your ability to affordably, reliably, quickly and securely leverage that data will determine whether you succeed or fail. As both the amount of data we create and its AI driven utility grow exponentially, any inability to keep and control our data is a potentially devastating liability.

While the significance of data is not lost on anyone, many businesses have not yet made the leap to the reality that infinitely abundant cloud storage is a necessity. Indeed it is not in the interests of some of the most powerful companies in the world and they will spare little trying to keep you from looking for answers their first-generation solutions can’t provide. When a disruptive technology company comes along, it’s hard for the incumbent to respond. Scale works against them, rather than for them. But that’s okay, we are happy to play the role of David to their Goliath, for now. The performance, capability and efficiency of Wasabi powered businesses are undeniable. And the embracing of next-generation cloud storage is inevitable.

Leadership Team

President, CEO & Co-Founder

David Friend

David Friend is the co-founder and CEO of Wasabi, a revolutionary cloud storage company. David’s first company, ARP Instruments developed synthesizers used by Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and even helped Steven Spielberg communicate with aliens providing that legendary five-note communication in Close Encounters of the ThirdKind.
Friend founded or co-founded five other companies: Computer Pictures Corporation – an early player in computer graphics, Pilot Software – a company that pioneered multidimensional databases for crunching large amounts of customer data, Faxnet – which became the world’s largest provider of fax-to-email services, Sonexis – a VoIP conferencing company, and immediately prior to Wasabi, what is now one of the world’s leading cloud backup companies, Carbonite.
David is a respected philanthropist and is on the board of Berklee College of Music, where there is a concert hall named in his honor, serves as president of the board of Boston Baroque, an orchestra and chorus that has received 7 Grammy nominations. An avid mineral and gem collector he donated Friend Gem and Mineral Hall at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.
David graduated from Yale and attended the Princeton University Graduate School of Engineering where he was a David Sarnoff Fellow.



CTO & Co-founder

Jeff Flowers

Wasabi’s co-founders Jeff Flowers and David Friend have started, built, and sold five successful technology companies. Most recently they co-founded Carbonite, one of the world’s leading cloud backup companies. Carbonite backs up hundreds of millions of new files every day using technology that Jeff and David’s team created. It was their shared vision for a next generation cloud storage architecture that gave birth to Wasabi storage.
Jeff is on the Board of Trustees of the Walnut Hill School, an arts high school that is a feeder to Julliard, the New England Conservatory, the Boston Ballet, and other top arts institutions.
“All the world’s data — photos, movies, medical images, genomes, IoT, you name it — has to get stored somewhere and nobody, including the big 3, is doing a particularly good job at it. It’s a simple product, a simple business model, and really simple pricing. Everyone needs to store data, so everyone is a potential Wasabi customer. What an amazing opportunity!” says Flowers.



Chief Financial Officer

Michael Bayer

Michael joins the Wasabi team after spending 25+ years in various finance, operations, technology and business development roles primarily for venture-backed technology and clean tech companies. His most recent role was at iZotope Inc. where he served as the CFO. Prior to that he managed the IPO for and acquisitions for LightChip and Revivio. Michael co-founded RPM Communications, where he led the launch of a 100,000 user mobile social network. A chartered financial analyst, Michael is on the Steering Committee of The CFO Leadership Council and a frequent speaker and organizer of panels for CFOs. He was honored as a 2018 BBJ CFO of the Year.
As an adjunct lecturer at Babson College, Michael teaches corporate finance to both graduate and undergraduate students. Michael holds an MBA from Cornell University and a BS from Babson College (finance and investments), and he previously studied computer science and economics at Brandeis University.
“The explosion of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be built on big data, and the promise of progress on all these fronts will be fueled by cost effective, ubiquitous high performance storage. Wasabi is leading the delivery of cloud storage to meet these needs, and I’m excited to be a part of this incredible team.”



Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Welts

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Wasabi, Michael brings 25+ years of experience building brands across a wide spectrum of technology companies, ranging from venture-backed start-ups to publicly-traded global technology leaders. He has served in executive roles for companies at all stages of growth from seed/pre-revenue to hyper-growth, to IPO and turnaround. Most recently, Michael led marketing at Google-venture backed startup Plexxi. Michael founded Cabletron’s marketing organization in the early stages of the company and led the company’s marketing and brand growth to $1.5 billion in revenue. He followed up as the head of Bay Network’s corporate marketing efforts in its successful turnaround and $7+ billion acquisition by Northern Telecom. Michael joined start-up Castle Networks in pioneering the VOIP switch category, resulting in a record-setting acquisition by Siemens. Among other stints at several startups, Michael served as CEO at NextChoice Systems, a pioneering company in the online food ordering industry, and as a co-founder in Ping4, the leading safety alert mobile app company. Michael is a co-founder or advisor/investor of several other fast-growth startups and serves as a mentor to technology entrepreneurs.
Michael and his family enjoy spending their time at sporting events, playing beach volleyball, traveling, hiking and skiing in VT.




Marty Falaro

As Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Marty leads all global revenue generating roles including sales, channels and alliances. In addition, Marty works with engineering, operations, product management and customer support as a single unified team focused on building, managing, selling and supporting our world class cloud storage service.
Marty brings 25+ years of customer-facing experience in sales and business development to this world class team. He has been fortunate to be a part of some great companies from early stage start-ups, to rapidly growing midsize companies, to top 5 technology industry titans. In his career, he has held leadership roles at Lotus (now IBM), PictureTel (now Polycom), and Cisco. Most recently, Marty served as the SVP of sales & business development for Skreens (a video start-up based near Boston). Over the prior 10 years, he held leadership sales & business development roles at Oracle, Acme Packet, and Covergence. Acme was acquired by Oracle in 2013.
“The Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Service is highly disruptive. Customers and partners love the simplicity of paying for only the storage that they consume with no vendor lock-in and no hidden charges. The Wasabi team is working to deliver this new storage service to thousands of customers and partners worldwide as we continue to grow.”
Marty and his family live near the ocean south of Boston where he enjoys golf, walking to the picturesque harbor and relaxing on one of the many beautiful nearby town beaches.



SVP, Product

Jim Donovan

Jim leads Wasabi’s product management, sales engineering, and customer support efforts. As a veteran of multiple startups and large enterprise organizations, Jim has deep experience in developing, delivering, and supporting products and services that provide security, scalability, and reliability to customers and partners. Prior to Wasabi, Jim served in product management and sales/support engineering roles at Oracle (via Acme Packet and Covergence), Ciena (via WaveSmith Networks), Lucent Technologies (via Ascend Communications and Cascade Communications) and GTE. Jim holds a BSEE from Northeastern University and a MBA from Babson College.
“The growth of storage needs in all industry verticals is a tremendous opportunity that is driving Wasabi’s success. With our innovative file system architecture and world-class product development and customer success team, Wasabi is in a unique position to be a true disruptor in cloud storage economics and performance.”
Outside of Wasabi, Jim tries (usually unsuccessfully) to improve his tennis and basketball games as well as driving / fixing (typically the latter) old Volkswagen buses.



Come Join Us

Wasabi is one of technology’s fastest growing companies and we’re not about to slow down. Join us as we revolutionize the cloud storage industry.

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