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Offer cloud object storage bundled with your solutions, powered by Wasabi

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Improve your margins and save your customers money.
Now that’s win-win.

Your solutions, Powered by Wasabi. As an OEM Partner you can package your own brand of cloud storage to offer
a more complete turnkey solution to your customers. Earn high margins on your bundled storage and still charge less than traditional cloud storage prices. And bundling in your own cloud storage can convert a one-time sale into an ongoing revenue stream.

Powered by Wasabi – the Simple Solution

  • Simple Predictable Pricing – Easy to bundle and price your way
  • Simple Integration – Fully S3-compatible with a dedicated partner API for provisioning and usage monitoring
  • Scalable, Secure, and Compliant – Enterprise class

Wasabi is S3 compatible so if your solution already works with AWS S3 it will already work with Wasabi. Wasabi’s simple pricing model with no egress and no API request charges makes it simple to bundle, brand, and price as your own.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

If you sell an application that requires data storage, whether on-prem or in the cloud, bundling in your own cloud storage can convert a one-time sale into an ongoing revenue stream.

  • For example, if you sell backup software, you could sell your software bundled with cloud storage from Wasabi and make great margins on the storage forever. Why recommend AWS S3 to your customers given that AWS has their own backup service now (AWS Backup)?
  • If you sell a CDN service, don’t let your customers use AWS S3 storage as the origin storage since they also offer competitive CDN services. Instead, bundle in Wasabi and increase your revenue stream for every customer.

Using Wasabi’s Partner API, you can offer customers bundled applications and origin storage from your provisioning console and provide a single bill for your product as well as Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

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If you offer an application such as backup and recovery, archiving or CDN services that drive storage of 1PB or
more of data on premise or in the cloud, you are missing out on an opportunity to earn more for your own business.

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