Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

Migrate from any cloud object storage service and replicate buckets between Wasabi regions with Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

What is Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager?

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager is a set of data services that provide simple and cost-effective data migration from any S3-compliant storage to the Wasabi cloud. Wasabi customers can also use it to replicate buckets across Wasabi storage regions within the same continent. Use it to:

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Avoid cloud lock-in and expensive egress fees
  • Protect your data from local disasters
  • Increase performance across locations

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager’s intuitive administrative interface makes it easy to configure storage parameters, and move and replicate data to optimize cost, performance, and protection.

Change clouds at any time

Reduce storage cost and complexity
with no downtime.

Cloud-to-cloud migration made easy

There are many reasons to move your data: skyrocketing costs, unpredictable pricing, security, and performance issues. However, the complexity of migrating data, and the enormous egress fees involved have many customers feeling “locked in” to their current cloud storage vendors. Until now.

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager is the simple solution you’ve been looking for. Quickly and easily migrate from AWS, Azure, GCP, or any S3-compliant storage for just pennies per GB, depending on the source cloud service provider and region.

  • Reduce storage costs and complexity
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and unfair egress fees
  • Change clouds at any time

Get an immediate return on investment

Wasabi takes care of your egress fees for you. Once migrated to the Wasabi cloud, you can expect to save up to 80% on your storage costs compared to Amazon S3, Azure Hot, or Google Cloud Platform.

Get Started

Copy data between Wasabi Regions with Bucket Replication

Easily create a second copy of your data in another Wasabi region to ensure availability, compliance and protection.

  • Increase response times and minimize latency across regions
  • Maximize availability in the event of power outages or maintenance interruptions
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and data sovereignty
  • Protect your data from localized disasters

Data replication and synchronization between Wasabi regions with Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager is a free service for Wasabi customers. There are no transport charges. Customers pay only for the additional storage.

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