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A hot new data storage solution for the
public sector.
Wasabi is ideal for Federal, State and Local government agencies and Higher Ed.

Mission First, Cloud Smart

The U.S. Federal Government’s new Cloud Smart strategy tasks federal agencies with focusing first and foremost on the goals of their mission as they determine the most appropriate cloud + on-premises solutions for cost-effectively enabling them. This strategy, which considers the reality that not all existing implementations can or should be replaced with cloud-native solutions, has taken hold in the commercial sector as well. Cloud storage, whether used as backup, for archiving, or for active data, is seen as an ideal entry point for migrating to the cloud.

A recent Enterprise Storage Forum Survey identified aging storage gear as the number one storage challenge facing today’s IT organizations—and organizations are turning more and more to the cloud to eliminate equipment cost and complexity. About one-third of survey respondents already use cloud storage as their primary storage technology. Half are seriously considering purchasing cloud storage in the next two years.

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Federal, State, and Local Government

Government is challenged not only with the storage of large unstructured data collections such as video, audio, scanned documents and other data. Retention periods for storing all this data are also particularly long compared with the private sector. At the same time, information may need to be accessed at a moment’s notice or be available to comply with scheduled or impromptu audits.

Secure cloud-based object storage from Wasabi is ideally suited for the public sector. It can help to drastically reduce the cost of storage, increase scale, and is perfect for consolidating intra-agency and inter-agency data. With Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, there are no storage tiers, so no need to consider what to archive and what data you may need to access quickly. Why pay for slow, cold storage solutions like Amazon Glacier, when you can store everything in Wasabi for less money, and access your data in seconds, not hours?

Major U.S. Municipality Reduces Storage Expenses and Simplifies Budgeting

Learn how one major U.S. city sped up the restoration of its applications and services, avoided “hidden” transaction fees, and reduced overall costs by replacing its complicated Amazon Glacier backup storage with a tightly integrated solution from Commvault powered by Wasabi hot cloud storage.

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Encrypted Backups and U.S. Data Sovereignty

You have the option of storing your data exclusively on U.S. soil. Wasabi encrypts data at rest as well as encrypting data in transit using HTTPS. Our customers are also welcome to encrypt their own data prior to sending it to Wasabi. Our tight integration with premier backup partners offers unsurpassed data management simplicity and security, including customer-controlled keys. Wasabi immutable buckets further safeguards your data from accidental deletions, bugs, hackers, and malware.

Law Enforcement

Public Safety Agencies Rely on Wasabi for Cost-effective and Compliant Retention of Digital Evidence

Digital forensics, facial recognition, and bodycam video footage are just a few types of data that public safety organizations collect and store to help solve crimes. These files are large and body camera programs, for example, can generate thousands of hours of video every day. All that footage must be safely preserved for trial and securely archived for years (or permanently for homicide cases). These large backups can be expensive and slow to restore, even using some cloud services.

With Wasabi hot cloud storage, all your stored data is immediately available at performance speeds faster than the competition—and at a price that’s 80% cheaper! There are no additional charges to access your data (egress) or for any API calls. You can store more for less and access it fast whenever you need it.

Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) Compliant

Wasabi complies with all Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy regulations, so law enforcement and other organizations that deal with CJI have peace of mind knowing that all their stored data is fully secure and protected.

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Durable and Immutable Storage

Wasabi provides eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability, protecting data against disk failures and media errors. And our data immutability feature protects against administrative mishaps, malware and ransomware—an immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, including Wasabi.

Higher Education

Colleges, universities, and public-school systems are adopting digital technology to improve learning, enhance student experiences, and streamline operations. Interactive courseware and digital classrooms are transforming education and improving student performance. Intelligent administrative systems are increasing automation, cutting costs and improving decision-making. And cloud computing and the internet are helping academic researchers across the world collaborate and accelerate the pace of innovation.

While digital technology has the potential to fundamentally reshape education, many institutions are struggling to keep pace with skyrocketing data growth. Traditional on-site data storage platforms are notoriously expensive to deploy, scale and manage. They require significant upfront capital investments, pricey maintenance contracts, and specially trained IT staff.

First-generation cloud storage services like AWS S3 eliminate equipment expense and complexity but are still too costly and complicated for many applications. Wasabi’s mission is to make cloud storage a simple, inexpensive and simple to use utility—just like electricity.

Strong Security Ensures FERPA and HIPAA Compliance

Wasabi is deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. The service provides robust security, ensuring FERPA compliance, as well as HIPAA compliance for student medical records in the United States.

How Secure is Wasabi?

Wasabi’s Defense-in-Depth Security Protects Against a Wide Range of Threats

Cybersecurity experts like the National Security Agency recommend a layered “defense-in-depth” approach to security to contain attacks and defend against the widest range of cyber threats. To that end, the entire Wasabi operating environment is built and managed with security best practices and standards in mind. We ensure the physical security of our data centers; employ strong authentication, authorization and accounting controls for all our cloud compute, storage and networking infrastructure; encrypt data at rest and data in transit to prevent unauthorized disclosure; and support an optional data immutability capability to protect data against ransomware and other forms of malware.

Network Security

We use a variety of network security elements to monitor and control communications at internal and external network borders. These edge security devices segregate customers and restrict the flow of communications between networks to prevent unauthorized access to Wasabi infrastructure and services.

User Authentication and Authorization Controls

We support strong user passwords to control access to stored data. We also support access control lists and role-based policies that let you selectively grant permissions (e.g. read-only, write-only, read/write, admin) to individual users, groups of users or classes of users.

Security Audit Trails

We provide detailed access logs for security audits and threat remediation. Log records contain information about each access request such as the request type, accessed resources, date and time.

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