Wasabi Locations

Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage service is currently available in US-west-1 region, US-east-1 & US-east-2 regions, EU-central-1 region, US-central in Plano, TX, AP-northeast-1 location in Tokyo, AP-northeast-2 in Osaka, Japan and our latest center EU-West-1 in London. Data centers coming soon to Canada, France and Germany.

Global Storage Regions

Wasabi’s Corporate Office

111 Huntington Avenue
Suite 2900
Boston, MA 02199

1-844-WASABI-1 (Toll Free)
+1 617-307-7912 (Int’l)
+1-617-307-7973 (Fax)

[email protected]
[email protected]

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What if you could store ALL of your data in the cloud affordably?

NOW YOU CAN. Wasabi is here to guide you through your migration to the enterprise cloud and to work with you to determine which cloud storage strategy is right for your organization.