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Never let storage cost, performance or capacity problems get in the way of spinning a good story.


The show must go on.
And that means lots of storage.

Few industries pose as many storage challenges as media and entertainment (M&E). Today, there is more video content being produced than ever, and production projects run around the clock to push television series and blockbuster movies to audiences as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, video quality just keeps getting better with higher resolutions, higher frame rates and high dynamic range (HDR) processing —which means video file sizes have grown exponentially.

The storage ramifications are significant. Several petabytes of storage may be required for a complete stereoscopic digital movie project at 4K resolution. And production work at 8K is now under way. By the next decade, total video captured for a single high-end digital production could be hundreds of petabytes, according to analyst firm Coughlin Associates.

In fact, Coughlin forecasts that cloud storage for the M&E industry alone will grow about 13.3x between 2017 and 2023 (from 5.1 to 68.2 exabytes), and overall object storage capacity for media and entertainment will grow about 4.9x between 2017 and 2023, from 10.4 to 51.6 exabytes.

That’s a boatload of data. You need to store all that raw footage, rough cuts and finished product in an a highly secure and reliable environment without breaking the bank. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, you need to be able to access all your assets as fast as possible to meet deadlines and stay within schedules and budgets. That’s because the speed that production teams can store, retrieve and collaborate on projects will play a big role in determining their success.

How Wasabi Changes The Game For Media Companies

Wasabi provides the cloud capacity to store all your content files—from raw footage to finished product, ready for distribution to archived libraries for future reference. And you store it all at one low price. How low is “low?” Compared to AWS S3, Wasabi is 80% cheaper. Wasabi also does away with all the confusing storage tiers typical of other cloud services. Instead, we offer a a single tier of high-performance storage at one, easily budgetable flat rate. We also have no charges for egress or API requests like the other cloud services, which penalize you for using your own content. Add it all up, and Wasabi is the one cloud storage service that meets all your needs for production work-in-progress, backups and archiving.



For M&E companies, multimedia petabytes pile up in a heartbeat. Why pay 80% more compared to AWS S3 to store them?



Lightening fast performance means more time editing and producing and less time waiting for your files to load or be delivered.



Eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and immutable buckets protect your valuable content from accidental changes, deletions and ransomware.

No Tiers

No Tiers

Hot cloud storage means no pricing tiers based on how frequently and quickly you need to access your content. Because you never know when you might need to yank that old movie or TV pilot out of storage for another look. With Wasabi, you simply get fast access to all content at the same low price.

Industry Use Cases

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In today’s fast-paced, high-stakes digital world, video producers can’t afford to lose any raw footage, rough cuts or finished material before the final product is in the can. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but hardware failures, mishaps, misplaced drives, theft and natural disasters are common occurrences. M&E firms need a fail-safe backup strategy that ensures they can rapidly retrieve media work when things go wrong. Of course, this bottom-line protection needs to be affordable as well.

Wasabi is a critical component of a complete media backup strategy. By continuously updating copies of your work to Wasabi, artists are protected from localized events and disasters that can affect any backups that are stored near the original material. At a price that is 80% less expensive and faster than the competition, Wasabi makes it possible for media producers to limit or even bypass on-premise backup storage and replicate straight to the cloud. Wasabi helps media companies reduce risk, save money and maintain the fast pace of their business.

Active Archiving

Broadcasters and studios maintain extensive archives of their finished work for historical record. In addition, content owners also archive raw footage, out-takes, VFX models, renderings and sound work that might be needed for a future project, for an anniversary re-issue or for perusing old footage for new ideas.

Traditionally, content owners have relied on LTO tape for long-term archival storage of content due to the low cost of the tape cartridges themselves. But LTO systems come with a host of hidden costs in terms of personnel to operate and maintain the equipment, power, space and cooling. Especially troublesome is the fact that owners of LTO tape systems need to migrate their libraries to new tape versions about every 7 to 8 years to keep up with the never-ending obsolescence of older tape versions, which is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Wasabi eliminates all the overhead costs and headaches of operating tape-based archives.

More recently, content owners have turned to the cloud for long-term archiving using “cold storage” services like Amazon Glacier. While the per-TB charge for the storage itself may look compelling at first, it’s the additional, hidden charges for “API calls” “data retrieval requests” and “data egress” that balloon these service costs, making them more expensive than Wasabi. Furthermore, it can take several hours or more to retrieve content from these cold storage services. That’s not particularly helpful when a director needs an immediate reference to a prior project or the latest social trend suddenly finds you needing a TV episode clip from the 90s.

Wasabi hot cloud storage changes the game in archiving. All content stored in Wasabi is immediately accessible, whenever you need it, from a single tier of high-performance storage – not some off-network warehouse of tape libraries.

Still watching that bottom line? Wasabi’s base per-TB price is comparable to Amazon’s Glacier archive tier. However, Wasabi has no charges for egress or API requests, so you can access your archives anytime you like without paying any fees.

Finally, you can afford to store it all—unused cuts, CGI, animations, 3D renderings and any other content you might one day want to dust off for another look. Plus, by taking advantage of Wasabi’s “eleven-nines” of data durability and selectable immutability features, you have peace of mind knowing that files will not be lost, deleted, altered or hacked in any way, no matter how long you store them.

Production Collaboration

Movie and television production is no longer confined to specific facilities and production company employees. Today, it is commonplace for virtual teams to work on projects where editing, sound, VFX and related work is performed by independent artists who may be scattered around the globe

Wasabi hot cloud storage enables remote accessibility to content from virtually any location with a decent network connection. In a post-production environment, cloud storage provides a central location to share files and obviates the considerable duplication and physical transfer of files that traditionally would take place between editors, artists and vendors – all of which is time consuming, costly, difficult to track and prone to loss by human error or malicious intent. And with some of the new software tools available, artists are now able to “edit-in-the-cloud” further minimizing data movement and saving more time and money.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, cloud storage allowed countless media organizations to keep production operations running and their businesses afloat while studio facilities were shut down. Storing work-in-progress and archived assets in the cloud not only allows team members to work from anywhere, it also opens up access to the best artistic talent wherever they may reside. This type of “work-anywhere” flexibility is only possible due to Wasabi’s high-speed performance and no-charge-for-egress pricing.

Nearline Storage

At the core of professional video production is an ultra high-performance shared storage system. These systems contain the raw footage, dialogue, sound, graphics and special effects of a production that eventually are crafted into a finished product for broadcasting, theatrical presentation and other viewing. Tier 1 shared storage gives video teams the extreme processing power and high bandwidth interfaces to work collaboratively, allowing artists to retrieve, edit, and save media assets from the centralized server environment at speed and without interrupting one another’s work.

Shared storage systems represent expensive real estate housing the media assets that are actively being worked. To safeguard these systems and make the most of these precious resources, it is best to pair shared storage with a fast and economical cloud storage service like Wasabi for cost savings, backup protection and improved remote accessibility.

Wasabi hot cloud storage serves as an ideal “nearline” storage environment to rapidly offload finished work that is awaiting review, approval and versioning from the Tier 1 editorial storage. The assets that have been “parked” on Wasabi are immediately accessible and the customer doesn’t incur any extra charges to upload or retrieve their content from Wasabi. Traditionally, content producers have purchased expensive NAS/SAN systems to serve as their nearline environment, but Wasabi is a far less expensive option that also eliminates the need to procure, power and maintain additional hardware on-premise.


When a production project is completed, the next step is to deliver the numerous variants of the program to the owner’s distribution partners for onward delivery to consumers. Delivery includes theatrical distribution, physical media (optical disc), pay-TV services, broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) internet services. By moving production to the cloud where all mezzanine files get assembled on secure cloud storage, the publishing of those finished assets to distributors becomes as simple as notifying the distributor that finished content is ready, the access rights are exchanged and “delivery” just occurs…instantaneously.

Wasabi can even serve as the origin storage for the final content delivery to consumers via a Content Delivery Network such as Akamai, Limelight or Stackpath. These CDNs are massive, globally distributed networks designed to improve the end-user experience by moving content to the edge of the network closer to the consumer for immediate playback and overall better quality viewing. And because Wasabi does not charge for data egress, distributors do not face recurring fees every time a new file needs to be pulled out onto the network caches.

“Wasabi has proven to be an easy to use centralized storage environment for a range of studio assets. The process of transferring assets to the service is straight forward and all stored content is immediately available so our creative teams can continue to work uninterrupted. And with no egress charges, we don’t have to worry about how often we access our Wasabi storage or download assets for review and repurposing.”

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