Ransomware Stops HERE!

With immutable copies of your data in the cloud you can ease the fear of ransomware attacks and focus on running your business instead of risk losing it.

Ransomware Mitigation

In a world where ransomware is becoming a daily disruption, a newer, more secure form of data backup has emerged to mitigate this threat. Immutable storage, used in conjunction with a comprehensive backup strategy, can save you from the bad actors looking to hold your data for ransom. Wasabi’s immutable buckets and support for S3 object lock helps you fight back, ensuring your data’s security and integrity.

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Why Cloud Storage for
Backup and Restore

Wasabi is the ultimate storage solution for cloud-based data protection:

  • Air-gapped, immutable storage prevents unauthorized deletion/alteration – Read more about Object Lock
  • Hot storage supports high speed recovery when time is critical
  • Predictable pricing with discounts for long-term commitments
  • No charge for egress or API requests eases testing of restore procedures
  • The clock is ticking – protect your data as fast as you can or pay the consequences

Backup and Restore in the Cloud

The industry standard for backup and recovery uses 1 offsite copy. The expanded standard expects that 1 offsite copy to be immutable – resistant to intentional changes or deletion, ensuring 100% data integrity for the predefined retention period.

S3 Object Lock

Object-level immutability brings the highest level of security to your data storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Backup and Restore
Our Object Lock feature is validated for use with:

As more Wasabi Technical Alliance Partners add support for immutable backups, we will continue to expand our list of validated solutions.

Many are confident they can recover from ransomware – is this justified?

In our recent Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Storage, Data Management and Disaster Recovery 2021 study, 62%
of respondents had a high level of confidence (extremely confident or very confident) in their ability to recover
their data after a ransomware incident. The creation and storage of golden copies is a key process for recovering
data that has been compromised by ransomware, but many organizations are looking to improve their recovery
capabilities by storing multiple copies in multiple places both on-premises and in cloud storage services.

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