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Wasabi Direct Connect

Use Wasabi Direct Connect or AWS Direct Connect from your resources to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
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What is Wasabi Direct Connect?

Wasabi Direct Connect is a high-speed, private, secure connection from your on-premises data center or colocation site directly to Wasabi. Wasabi Direct Connect is ideal for customers seeking direct, secure and high-bandwidth connectivity with fixed monthly transport pricing. Wasabi Direct Connect is available in N x 1 Gb/s or N x 10 Gb/s speeds.

Secure Private Connection
Data is Secure in Transit and at Rest

Avoid accidental data erasure
High Speed and Low Latency
Reliable with full bandwidth on any WDX circuit

Move large data sets in and out of the cloud with consistency
Reduce Network Costs
Fixed Monthly Port Speed Rate

No unnecessary tiers or complex pricing schemes

Predictable Pricing for Performance

Customers migrating from on-premise to cloud storage often have a clear understanding of how much data they need to store, but not necessarily on how often their data will need to be accessed. Data downloads are not something they’ve had to pay for with on-premises storage, so they’ve never had reason to measure it. However, all the major cloud storage providers charge a fee (egress/access fee) every time the customer accesses their data. This makes it difficult to predict your monthly bill because it will vary depending upon how often you download your data.

With Wasabi Direct Connect, customers pay a fixed monthly port speed rate (based on the type of port speed chosen: 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps), removing the variability of performance when using a public internet connection for ingress and egress to their data.

No More Tiers

We’ve already simplified storage costs by removing all the unnecessary tiers and complex pricing schemes. Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% less expensive than Amazon S3 for one universal tier of service that’s faster than the competition. And we’ve removed much of the unpredictability with no API request fees that the traditional cloud storage vendors charge.

With Wasabi Direct Connect service and Wasabi’s free egress pricing model, customers who choose to connect to Wasabi hot cloud storage via their own on-premise or collocated data centers will benefit from additional price predictability by paying a flat rate for bandwidth with free access to their data.

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What if you could store ALL of your data in the cloud affordably?

NOW YOU CAN. Wasabi is here to guide you through your migration to the enterprise cloud and to work with you to determine which cloud storage strategy is right for your organization.