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Catalogic is the smart choice in data protection with multiple solutions to help you address data protection gaps with DPX vPlus and your CloudCasa Kubernetes Backups

Wasabi and Catalogic deliver scalable ransomware protection for your DPX and CloudCasa Kubernetes backups

Wasabi + Catalogic offers multiple solutions for data protection

Wasabi + Catalogic DPX & DPX vPlus

Limitlessly Scalable storage and ransomware protection for your Catalogic DPX Backups with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Catalogic DPX and vPlus integrate seamlessly with Wasabi object storage to provide a fast limitlessly scalable backup target. DPX vPlus is an enterprise-ready, agentless backup and snapshot management solution for Microsoft 365 and virtual environments. It allows you to reliably improve and automate backup performance, automate recovery tests, and significantly save resources, time, and money. Combined with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage’s predictable, low-cost data storage with no egress fees or fees for API calls.

Wasabi + Catalogic CloudCasa for Kubernetes

Scalable storage with ransomware protection for your CloudCasa Kubernetes backups with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi and CloudCasa by Catalogic have joined forces to empower organizations with an exceptional cloud-native solution for Kubernetes data protection, harnessing the full potential of lightning-fast cloud object storage. Through Wasabi and CloudCasa's efficient integration, users can seamlessly manage and monitor backups from a single interface, ensuring secure storage with rapid account creation and simplified recovery, all within minutes.