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Scalable storage with ransomware protection for your CloudCasa Kubernetes backups with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Key Features

  • Tamperproof immutable cloud-based object storage provides a logical air-gap
  • Secure end-to-end data protection solution leveraging Wasabi hot cloud storage utilizing encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Support of all cloud-based and on-premises  Kubernetes offerings.


  • Automatically scale up or down as demand changes
  • Predictable, low-cost data storage with no egress fees or fees for API Calls
  • Highly available and accessible Kubernetes data protection to meet your objectives for granular recovery points and fast recovery times
  • Meet compliance requirements through Object Lock on buckets to protect your business with an extra layer of defense against data loss

What is CloudCasa by Catalogic?

Microservices are now a common and critical component of enterprise application development. In just a few short years, we have moved from stateless applications, meaning they didn’t store user-specific data or session information, to complex stateful apps incorporating databases and other valuable data. New orchestration technologies like Kubernetes allow these container-based applications scale up and down quickly and work as a single distributed entity. Traditional data protection approaches can’t keep pace with the complexity, volatility, and velocity of change in these container-based microservices environments.

Cloud-native solutions like CloudCasa and Wasabi seamlessly store and protect these new workloads, leveraging intelligent data protection with performant cloud backup storage. Backups can be used for real-time recovery, disaster recovery, and migration features for these Kubernetes and cloud-native services that would otherwise be at risk. Cloud object storage has become an essential modern target for backups ensuring organizations can effectively storage, manage, protect, scale and retrieve data long-term and be used to meet governance and compliance requirements.

Wasabi Knowledge Base

How do I use CloudCasa by Catalogic?

Why Wasabi and CloudCasa Are Better Together?

In a powerful alliance, Wasabi and CloudCasa by Catalogic have joined forces to empower organizations with an exceptional cloud-native solution for Kubernetes data protection, harnessing the full potential of lightning-fast cloud object storage. CloudCasa is a feature rich and easy-to-use Kubernetes and cloud database backup service for developers, DevOps, Platform Engineers, and IT Ops teams. With Wasabi and CloudCasa, you don’t have to be a storage or data protection expert to start backing up your Kubernetes applications, including their cluster resources and persistent data. CloudCasa integrates seamlessly with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Through Wasabi and CloudCasa’s efficient integration, users can seamlessly manage and monitor backups from a single interface, ensuring secure storage with rapid account creation and simplified recovery, all within minutes. When using CloudCasa for your Kubernetes backups, you can enable granular or cluster-level recovery, across clusters, accounts, and regions and joined with Wasabi, you can ensure a no-cost recovery of all that data.

Simple to implement, with no hardware or infrastructure to install, power or maintain, your data is secure to meet any compliance regulations. CloudCasa securely encrypts data in transit and at rest, while Wasabi protects your data from loss, corruption or accidental deletion with immutable backups. With Wasabi S3 Object Lock, your data is secure, offsite, and available at a moment’s notice should you need access to your backups.

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