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Limitlessly Scalable storage and ransomware protection for your Catalogic DPX Backups with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Key Features

  • Secure and reliable cloud storage to protect backups offsite
  • Ransomware protection for backups vs Wasabi Immutable object storage
  • Easily scale to support growing backup files and granular recovery points


  • Reduce costs by storing backups on cost-effective Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • Meet RPO and RTO objectives with highly available and accessible object storage
  • Meet governance and compliance requirements through Wasabi Object Lock

What is Catalogic DPX?

Backups are a necessary insurance policy. They might be used to restore a database table or a single file after accidental deletion, or to recover your servers and data after a ransomware attack. In the worst case, you can recover all your data and systems lost to a natural disaster or a major ransomware attack. In all these use cases, broad application and systems coverage and reliability is paramount.

But backup can also be more than an insurance policy. With instantly accessible backup images, you can leverage backup data sets for many other tasks, such as dev-test, DevOps, reporting and compliance, and analytics.

Catalogic DPX® and DPX vPlus offer robust, secure, and cost-effective enterprise data protection solutions. These solutions safeguard your data from human errors, disasters, and ransomware attacks. Supporting both physical and virtual environments, Catalogic DPX® and DPX vPlus enable easy recovery of files and applications directly from cloud backup storage. In addition to comprehensive data protection, Catalogic DPX® and DPX vPlus also provide features including ransomware detection, fully protect Microsoft 365 and Open VM environments.

Limitlessly Scalable storage and ransomware protection for your Catalogic DPX Backups with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Why Catalogic and Wasabi Are Better Together?

Catalogic DPX and vPlus integrate seamlessly with Wasabi object storage to provide a fast limitlessly scalable backup target. Wasabi is simple, scalable, and cost-effective, cloud backup storage to use as a backup target or archive, to replace tape as immutable storage, or reduce backup storage costs and accelerate RTO and RPO.

Together, Wasabi and Catalogic can reduce your backup storage costs, migrate from tape, and increase your security posture, all while protecting your backups from ransomware and providing verifiable compliance for data retention with Catalogic DPX and DPX vPlus and Wasabi.

Leveraging Wasabi’s fast data access, our joint customers can reduce their backup restore times from hours to minutes, and it provides additional ransomware protection as an off-site backup storage location.

With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for your Catalogic backups, you can have peace of mind that your data is backed up, safe from ransomware attacks, is there when you need it with no egress costs, and that you are not overpaying. You can still meet your RPO and RTP objectives for your Catalogic backups via highly available and accessible object storage through Wasabi.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage further protects your business with an extra layer of defense against ransomware and data loss by enabling Object Lock on your S3 buckets. This ensures your backup data sets cannot be maliciously deleted or overwritten, remaining under your control for data governance and compliance.

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