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The Ultimate Wasabi Guide to the IBC 2022 Show Floor

The Ultimate Wasabi Guide to the IBC 2022 Show Floor

Isabel Freedman
By Isabel Freedman
Partner Marketing Specialist

IBC is back in-person at the RAI Amsterdam September 9-12, 2022, and the Wasabi team couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this legendary event. IBC is one of the media and entertainment industry’s staple conferences, attracting more than 55,000 attendees from around the world. This year’s show will boast keynotes from Mike Davies, SVP Field Operations with Fox Sports; Johannes Larcher, Head of International at HBO Max; and Vincent Tauzia, VP of Partnerships at Netflix; among other industry experts and luminaries.

The theme of this year’s IBC show is all about bringing community back together. In the IBC’s own words, “this year we are on a journey to deliver the new normal in an engaging way. WE ARE moving forward. WE ARE here for our industry. And, together, WE ARE a community.

In honor of that theme, we compiled this show guide to help you make the most of your time on the IBC show floor. In it, we share what the Wasabi community–our ecosystem of technology alliance partners–have in store for you, and where you can find them at the show.

Hall 7

Wasabi Technologies

Stand: 7.D28

Wasabi provides simple, predictable, and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. Hot cloud storage enables organizations to store and instantly access an unlimited amount of data at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees. Trusted by customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognized as one of technology’s fastest growing and most visionary companies.

The Wasabi team is thrilled to be exhibiting at IBC this year alongside our extraordinary partners that are building incredible new M&E tools on top of our hot cloud storage platform. At this year’s IBC, Wasabi is globally launching our joint solution with Signiant Jet, enabling fast and intelligent file transfer to all thirteen Wasabi storage regions. As part of the strategic partnership, Wasabi is offering an exclusive 90-day free trial of Signiant Jet for Wasabi users and IBC attendees will get the first look at this offering.

Visit our IBC2022 page to learn more about Wasabi’s presence at IBC and to book a meeting with our team.


Stand: 7.B35

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Adobe Premiere Pro is the first choice of editing software for professionals. It is increasingly becoming the industry-standard program used around the world among major studios and independent content creators alike. Adobe Premiere Pro offers a suite of powerful editing tools capable of creating stunning video. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro integrates seamlessly with other programs in the lineup such as After Effects, Audition, and Illustrator.

You can see their complete line of products in action and any new releases at their stand.


Stand: 7.C39

Quantum will be showing how to re-invent your content and production workflows. Whether you want to empower your fast-moving content teams with a solution that can be deployed in minutes, crush your workflow bottlenecks with ease, or effortlessly manage your content to scale, Quantum has the solutions you’ll want to see.

Be the first to hear about Quantum’s late-breaking cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions, such as:

  • Large-scale content archive solutions powered by ActiveScale, CatDV, and even AI/ML technologies from NVIDIA to tackle your content archiving challenges with astonishing flexibility, performance, and protection.
  • Quantum F-Series – the fastest storage yet that delivers unheard of performance, speed, and low latency that replaces racks and racks of other storage yet is as breeze to setup and manage.
  • Quantum H4000 Essential – named TV Tech’s ‘Best in Show’ award-winning shared storage and media asset management solution to empower your creative team of up to 10 users.


Stand: 7.B50

Marquis provides a range of media integration products designed for the challenging data-intensive requirements of today’s fast-paced media production environments. Marquis in conjunction with Wasabi hot cloud storage are showcasing:

  • Uniquely powerful ransomware mitigation and recovery software with intelligent S3 object locking
  • Next-generation analytics-based NEXIS storage management and archiving software

Spectra Logic

Stand: 7.A43

Spectra Logic, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, will showcase its broad set of solutions for modern broadcast workflows. Visit the Spectra Logic stand to see Spectra’s BlackPearl® Object Storage Platform and Spectra® Stack Tape Library in action. See demos of Spectra® StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management software and Spectra Vail® Multi-Cloud Data Management software. You’ll see how Vail optimises media and entertainment hybrid cloud workflows and provides seamless universal access and management of data across multiple sites and clouds. With Vail and BlackPearl® S3, media professionals can take full advantage of the collaborative capabilities of cloud services no matter where data is created or located, be it in the cloud or on-premises.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

Stand: 7.A26

SNS helps video production teams around the world transform the way they store, share, and organize media. Visit their stand to test drive the high-performance EVO shared storage server and the included EVO Suite—an award-winning software toolset that helps creative teams get the most value from their shared storage environment on-prem, at home, and in the cloud. By combining scalable, high-performance shared media storage servers with powerful software and cloud workflow tools for teams working on-premises or remotely with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, and other creative applications, SNS solutions empower post-production, broadcast, and VFX teams in over 70 countries to create amazing content, faster, from anywhere. Visit their IBC page to learn more or pre-book a meeting.


Stand: 7.B22

OpenDrives, a leading provider of media & entertainment enterprise NAS solutions, will be showcasing their new Open ecosystem of data storage and data services solutions. Visit their stand to meet their media workflow solution engineers who will be available to solve your IT and storage-related challenges, including straight-forward, cost-effective data migration plans from SAN to NAS, plus ways to simplify and modernize your infrastructure to build a world-class and remote-friendly production studio environment for real-time collaboration.

The OpenDrive stand will showcase:

  • Live demos of their award-winning Atlas Core software that solved today’s media workflow challenges with performance, simplicity, flexibility, and scalability
  • OpenDrive’s live mobile broadcast solution currently deployed for Fox Sports’ coverage of Qatar 2022
  • Atlas Cloud Plus, their fully managed public cloud solution, and Ultra Hardware Platform, featuring three modular and flexible configurations
  • Post-production solution integrations for Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and more.
  • S3 connectivity to on-premises object stores and S3-compatible public clouds, such as Wasabi hot cloud storage

While you’re visiting, don’t forget to ask about their Open marketplace of containerized technology applications available from their growing list of strategic technology partners.


Stand: 7.D05

Archiware will showcase the P5 Data Mover at their stand. The new extension will be available in the upcoming version 7.1 of the Archiware P5 data management platform. The P5 Data Mover is an extension of the P5 Archive module. It offers policy-based moving and copying of archived data between tape, cloud, and disk storage. This HSM-like extension offers flexibility for any storage strategy. Data can easily be migrated or copied between storage tiers. A migration plan runs periodically and selects data according to a predefined age. This way, users can automatically move data from hot storage to cold storage and in any direction they need.


Stand: 7.C16

A global leader in both file-based and live digital media, Telestream solutions address challenges in live and studio production, post production, video-on-demand, content management, production and live streaming, and video quality monitoring and analysis. Telestream will demonstrate its comprehensive portfolio of solutions that deliver great business outcomes to production and post production teams, operations personnel, and engineers, including: improved customer satisfaction; lower subscriber churn; standardized and repeatable workflows for producing, prepping, validating, and distributing content; lower costs, and quicker time to revenue.

Hall 5


Stand: 5.B82

Signiant’s advanced transport technology has long been trusted by the media industry for mission-critical file transfer applications across the global supply chain. They have several new ground-breaking innovations to share at IBC 2022 and will have a large team on-site to demonstrate them and the entire Signiant product portfolio.

Highlights include:

  • Signiant recently introduced Media Engine, a powerfully simple service to search, preview, and take action on media assets across all your Signiant-connected storage. As a cloud-native SaaS offering, Media Engine is scalable, highly available, and simple to deploy and manage. Best of all, Media Engine will be included with every Signiant SaaS subscription extending the value of its products — Media Shuttle, Jet and Flight Deck — well beyond file transfer.
  • Signiant Jet, a SaaS solution for automated file movement, employs their patented intelligent transport architecture that uses machine learning to adapt to network conditions and data sets in real-time and is capable of speeds of multiple Gbps. Jet is the fastest service of its kind on the market. Jet includes enhanced network support including bandwidth controls and firewall relays.
  • Jet now supports Wasabi hot cloud storage and Wasabi and Signiant have teamed up to offer a free 90-day subscription of Jet to accelerate the movement of content into and out of Wasabi storage.

Hall 1


Stand: 1.C37d

Come and discover how Imagen’s award-winning platform helps sports organizations and media companies unlock the value of their ever-growing content libraries. With fast, secure, and controlled access through a highly customizable video management platform, Imagen enables organisations to store, share, collaborate, and distribute video content with ease.

What to see and discuss at the Imagen stand:

  • Premium media distribution – Imagen’s powerful processing repackages content for professional file delivery to OTT, VOD, social and other platforms.
  • Content enrichment – automatic tagging of your assets, speech to text, AI recognition, and integrations like WSC-Sports put your content front and center.
  • Live Stream – stream your live video and capture the feed to make it available on demand later.
  • Streamlining content production processes – reduce your time to market with integrations like Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackbird.
  • The power of personalisation – create dynamic collections from your library to engage audiences.


Stand: 1.A47

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, will be sharing their solutions for solving remote production and collaboration challenges while enabling immense scalability and automation across operations. Solutions include Dalet Flex media logistics, Dalet Pyramid next-gen news solutions, and the Dalet Galaxy broadcast workflow platform. Attendees can book meetings to experience Dalet solutions first hand, including the new SaaS option, Dalet Flex for teams, that lowers cost of entry and elevates accessibility for professional media tools with flexible pre-configured workflow deployments.

In addition to the on-stand technology showcase, attendees are invited to celebrate the return to IBC at the Dalet Pulse networking and cocktail party, which will bring media and technology professionals together in person once again on Thursday September 8, at The College Hotel Foodbar and Patio.

Hall 9

Grass Valley

Stand: 9.A01

Grass Valley is the leading technology provider for the live media and entertainment market. Grass Valley works with 90% of the world’s major media brands, powering their media centers, mobile production units, 24-hour newsrooms, and sports streaming platforms. As the number one trusted partner in media technology, Grass Valley enables content owners and service providers to create and deliver compelling live experiences in the most efficient way.

Whether it’s IP-native cameras or state-of-the-art cloud production platforms, Grass Valley is at the forefront of groundbreaking live media innovation. Grass Valley continues to pioneer market-leading advances based on cloud and software efficiency to transform live content for the streaming era today and in the future.

Join Grass Valley to see the future of media production. Grass Valley is transforming the entire live production chain from contribution to playout.

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Isabel Freedman
By Isabel Freedman
Partner Marketing Specialist