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Signiant’s file acceleration software helps content creators securely exchange large files with cloud storage providers over public & private networks 

Bring the power and capacity of the cloud closer to home. With Signiant and Wasabi’s joint solution, experience the freedom of cloud storage without the burden of latency. 
Seamlessly ingest, transfer, and distribute your data anywhere in an instant using Signiant Jet with Wasabi hot cloud storage. Any file. Any size. Zero downtime. 

Start your FREE Data Migration to Wasabi powered by Signiant Jet

The Cloud Has Never Felt Closer

For many enterprises working with large video files, the cloud can seem too far away to be useful. Now, thanks to Signiant’s file acceleration data movement software, cloud users can move data to and from the cloud quickly and easily.

Endpoint to Cloud in Record Time with Signiant Jet

Signiant Jet is an intelligent file acceleration transfer solution designed for the rapid movement of large files and data sets from endpoint to endpoint. By combining Jet with Wasabi, users can easily automate the transfer of data between on-premises systems to the cloud.

Troubled by recurring, time-critical transfers? Need to move large files over long distances? No problem. Companies with multiple locations who need to automate the movement or syncing of data between those locations can do so quickly and easily with Jet.

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Start Your FREE Data Migration to Wasabi Powered by Signiant Jet 

Signiant Jet makes it easy and lightning fast to automate the movement of large datasets between locations, with partners and to and from the cloud. Realize the cost savings and benefits of Wasabi hot cloud storage even sooner by accelerating on-prem data migration to Wasabi powered by Signiant Jet.
Wasabi customers can take advantage of this free data migration service* to supercharge their data transfers with Signiant Jet. 
*Data migration must be complete within 12 months