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The S3-compatible API connectivity option for Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage provides a S3-compliant interface for IT professionals to use with their S3-compatible storage applications, gateways, and other platforms. Wasabi has worked with over 100 technology alliance partners to certify our S3 implementation with leading storage solution vendors throughout the world.


Simple, understandable usage-based pricing.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is priced at $.0068 per GB/month ($6.99 per TB/month). Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google and Microsoft, Wasabi offers free egress downloads and we don’t charge for API calls.  Try out our cost comparison tool below to see how Wasabi compares against Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cloud storage costs.

1,024 Terabytes (TB) = 1 Petabyte (PB)

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per month

per year

This chart compares price per year differences between Wasabi and three other cloud storage competitors.


Wasabi's system architecture enables a faster performance relative to Amazon S3. This performance advantage also translates to significantly faster time-to-first-byte speeds when compared to Amazon S3.

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100% Bit Compatible Amazon S3 API

Wasabi is built to be 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible (same AWS API constructs for storage & identity management). No need to change your S3-compatible application when using Wasabi.


Wasabi’s system architecture and design provides average time-to-first-byte (TTFB) performance that is less than 15 ms. This is significantly less than TTFB performance typically reported for Amazon S3.

Internal Consistency

Internal consistency means that when you write an object to a Wasabi storage bucket, it can be read immediately after writing.



Protecting your data against accidents, hackers, snoops, sabotage, and buggy applications.

Wasabi protects your data in two ways: First, we support optional data immutability features at both the bucket and object level. This protect your data against accidental or malicious destruction. Second, our strong encryption protects your data against hackers and snoops who want to steal your data.

Durability and Protection

Wasabi’s durability is 11 x 9s, the same as Amazon S3. To put that in context, if you have 10,000,000 objects stored with Wasabi, then 11 x 9s of durability translates into 1 lost file every 10,000 years. That’s why most data loss nowadays is due to human error, application software bugs, or malicious destruction.


When you create a storage bucket in Wasabi, you have the options of making that bucket “immutable” or enabling “Object Lock”. In an immutable bucket, all objects are made immutable according to a uniform set of parameters. All of the objects in the bucket share the same expiration date. Object Lock is a data protection feature where you can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable. In both cases, your data cannot be altered or deleted by anyone until the retention period has expired.


Below is a short list of frequently asked questions about Object Storage for Amazon S3.

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