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Wasabi Helps Arq Sail Ahead of the Competition

Use Cases 

Backup & Recovery


Cost-effective, fast, and reliable storage for cloud backup offering


Wasabi hot cloud storage


  • Ultra-low-cost cloud storage meets stringent consumer-market pricing requirements
  • Fast performance enables superior customer experiences
  • Straightforward cost model, with no extra fees simplifies product pricing
  • Multi-tenant architecture and REST API simplify integration and customer management

“Wasabi is much faster, a lot less expensive and has a more extensive and programmer-friendly API than alternative offerings. And it’s cheaper and simpler than other cloud storage services, with no extra fees.”

– Stefan Reitshamer, President and Founder, Arq


Arq, a global provider of PC and Mac backup solutions, leverages Wasabi hot cloud storage to power its new cloud-based backup offering. Wasabi’s affordable, fast and reliable cloud storage service helps the company deliver first-rate customer experiences and superior business performance. Arq uses Wasabi with its new Arq Cloud Backup product, avoiding storage equipment cost and complexity, and accelerating time-to-market and business agility.

Business Challenge: Economical, Fast and Reliable Cloud Storage

Arq provides popular Windows and MacOS backup solutions for consumers. The company planned to introduce a cloud-based backup offering to further differentiate its product portfolio. “The new cloud backup product makes it even easier for our customers to protect all their valuable digital content,” says company founder and president Stefan Reitshamer.

Arq Cloud Backup installs in less than a minute and automatically protects all of a customer’s data, including files on external drives and network shares. Reitshamer sought a fast, cost-effective and reliable cloud storage platform to support the new offering.

Solution: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

After evaluating a number of cloud storage options, Arq selected Wasabi hot cloud storage for its new cloud backup product. “Wasabi is much faster, a lot less expensive and has a more extensive and programmer-friendly API than alternative offerings,” explains Reitshamer. “Wasabi’s throughput is absolutely outstanding. And it’s cheaper and simpler than other cloud storage services, with no extra fees.”

Wasabi Helps Arq Sail Ahead of the Competition

Results: Efficient, Affordable and Durable Storage

Wasabi provides an economical, efficient and reliable storage repository for Arq’s new cloud backup offering. Wasabi’s low-cost, pay-as-you-grow pricing model—with no egress fees or API charges—helps the company simplify product pricing and tightly align storage expenses with evolving business demands. “Wasabi’s pricing is among the best in the space. The low cost enables us to deliver a consumer backup service at a reasonable price,” explains Reitshamer. “And the straightforward fee structure eliminates guesswork and uncertainty.”

Wasabi’s highly parallelized system architecture provides significantly faster read/write speeds than other cloud storage solutions, facilitating lightning-fast recovery times for greater customer satisfaction. The Wasabi system architecture also provides eleven 9s of object durability, helping Arq safeguard customer data against equipment problems, disk failures and media errors.

Wasabi’s multi-tenant design and comprehensive REST API streamline product integration and make it easy for Arq to provision and bill customers. “The management console and APIs are top-notch,” says Reitshamer. “And the Wasabi support team is knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.”

Thanks to Wasabi, Arq was able to launch its new cloud backup product quickly and cost-effectively. Wasabi helped the company avoid upfront capital equipment investments, accelerate time-to-market and simplify ongoing operations. The new Wasabi-powered offering helps Arq expand its product portfolio, grow revenues and improve its competitive position.