Paving the Way for Life Sciences Breakthroughs

Michael Welts
Michael Welts
Chief Marketing Officer

We’re in Boston this week at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo—a showcase extravaganza of IT and informatics apps and technologies that enable biomedical research, drug discovery and development, and clinical and healthcare initiatives.

This show marks our second appearance. We were here last year, only a few weeks after launching our Wasabi hot cloud storage service. Now having just passed our one-year anniversary, I am pleased to report that Wasabi has attracted close to 5000 accounts storing several billion objects. And we’re honored to be a “Best of Show” finalist this year!

A Year of Big Data Breakthroughs

There have been a lot of exciting innovations and breakthroughs in life sciences research and technology this year. Just recently, researchers reversed the aging process in mice. The FDA has approved an at-home test that identifies the most common gene markers for breast and ovarian cancer. And a chemical used to cook McDonald’s french fries may be able to regrow hair follicles.

What do these breakthroughs have in common, besides the potential to improve our lives (and hairlines)? They required massive volumes of data. Huge data. Consider this: One human genome requires approximately 200 gigabytes of storage. A scanning electron microscopy study on a single cubic millimeter of brain tissue, similar in size to about three grains of salt, generates approximately 2 petabytes of data.

And this data tsunami is just getting started. Experts estimate that the amount of data generated daily by genomics research is doubling every seven months. Human genome data sets are huge and sequencing is becoming cheaper every day. That growth rate is an incredible advantage in enabling discoveries, but when it comes to data storage and management, it can quickly become daunting.

Enter Wasabi: Low Cost without Compromising Performance

Life sciences organizations need very low-cost cloud storage, but it’s not only about price. They also need high performance. Many research teams need to be able to quickly and easily share information—whether with collaborating teams of scientists in various locations across the globe or between public and private partner companies.

With Wasabi hot cloud storage, you get all the storage capacity you need—it’s 80% cheaper and 6x faster than Amazon S3, and comes with unlimited free egress. That means a simpler and more predictable pricing model. The other guys quote a price but then add egress and other fees to it each month so it’s hard to estimate the real cost.

Wasabi hot cloud storage also keeps data accessible for whenever it’s needed. Add to that Wasabi Direct Connect, which delivers a high-speed private connection between data storage and compute and you have much greater flexibility at much lower costs than doing it all in-house or with Amazon.

Did We Mention the Powerful Security Features?

Life sciences is one of the most regulated industries, and data protection requirements are constantly evolving. In addition to the great pricing and outstanding performance, Wasabi hot cloud storage also offers stellar data protection. It’s compliant with HIPAA regulations and all the other most common data protection statutes in the industry.

It also supports data immutability, for ultra-secure storage. Data immutability protects against accidental or malicious data destruction because an immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, including Wasabi.

Stop By Booth #718 and Say Hello

Low pricing, high performance, stellar protection. Those are just some of the reasons we’re excited and honored to participate in the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, and to introduce Wasabi hot cloud storage to companies dedicated to making our world—and lives—better.

Stop by booth #718 at the show and check out our cost calculator. The savings (and service) will surprise you.

Michael Welts
Written By

Michael Welts

Chief Marketing Officer