Wasabi Account Control Manager

Automate cloud storage account creation, management and user billing with an easy to use centralized management interface.

Customer Growth and Account Administration Adds Challenges

Managing multiple cloud storage accounts individually can be complex and cumbersome. As the number of accounts grow, organizations would like to set up policies and manage billing across these accounts in a simple more manageable way. To ease the management of multiple accounts, Wasabi developed the Wasabi Account Control API. It provides a more efficient, automated solution for creating new accounts. However, customizing the Wasabi Account Control API for your specific needs can consume technical resources and time.

The Solution

The Wasabi Account Control Manager harnesses the power of the Wasabi Account Control API and presents it as an easy-to-use graphical user interface. This solution can be used to cut your Wasabi implementation time down to minutes instead of days and offers a simple to use graphical interface to setup your accounts right away. Which means that your Wasabi cloud storage users are up and running faster, with less backend complexity for you.

As your cloud storage accounts grow, the Wasabi Account Control Manager is here to make account managing simple. The hosted management interface allows you to centrally manage all of your Wasabi sub-accounts.

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Key Use Cases

  • MSP reselling Wasabi storage
  • Large customer managing multiple divisions
  • Universities looking for an easier way to cross charge

Watch the video for more info on the Wasabi Account Control Manager:

Reduce Time to Market

Activate accounts in mins
Speed time to revenue

Administrative Simplicity

Centralized view into accounts
Automate policy management

Unified Billing

View charges for all accounts
Export options: CSV, XLS, JSON

Automate Wasabi Account Creation and Management

The Wasabi Account Control Manager helps you simplify operations by automating the creation and modification of sub-accounts. With it, you can create trial accounts, assign trial quotas and duration, and convert them to paid accounts when ready. The Wasabi Account Control Manager allows you to create, change, or import sub-accounts into Account Control Manager.

Insight into Storage Accounts

Wasabi Account Control Manager provides information that allows you to:

  • Identify active and deleted storage
  • Identify API requests
  • Know how much data is being egressed
  • Know the number of stored objects and deleted objects

Wasabi Account Control Manager can roll up account data and deliver it to you in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • XLS
  • JSON

With this information, you can accurately forecast capacity trends which helps you better understand your usage of resources.



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