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Probax and Wasabi Partner to Deliver High Margin Cloud Services for Managed Service Providers

Key Features

  • Ultra-low-cost cloud storage for any purpose

  • Seamless integration and operation

  • Fast and reliable cloud backup and recovery for diverse operating systems, hypervisors and hardware platforms


  • Low-cost storage solution for long term retention in the cloud

  • Simplify setup and administration

  • Accelerate backup and recovery cycles

  • Reduce risk and exposure due to data loss

  • Protect against equipment failures, disasters, human error, ransomware and malware

Probax is an award-winning provider of data protection solutions and services including data backup and retention, disaster recovery and business continuity. With unmatched partner enablement and support, together with continued innovation and integration with leading technology vendors including Veeam, StorageCraft, Dropbox and Microsoft; Probax empowers businesses to protect their most valuable asset, their data.

With Probax’s data protection dashboard, Hive, managing and protecting data from multiple sites and organizations has never been easier. Probax leverages Wasabi’s affordable, high performance hot cloud storage to power its innovative and award-winning data protection solutions such as:

  • Honeycomb Storage (BaaS)
  • Honeycomb Archive Storage (AaaS)
  • Dropbox Backup & Archive (SaaS Protection)

Probax delivers partner offerings that give them an edge over their competition anddedicate themselves to attracting and converting prospects into long term customers.

Probax’s suite of data protection solutions are all managed through Hive, the channel’s most sophisticated data protection dashboard, boasting unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. Hive enables Probax partners to gain an edge over their competition by helping them build and maintain an effective and proactive data protection strategy for their clients.

Business Challenges

The Managed Services market is extremely competitive since MSPs provide similar services. To ensure success, MSPs need to constantly find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. However, Managed Services are not a commodity. Every organization is unique and so too should the services which are being provided to that company. When it comes to backup and archive solutions, MSPs must find the right solution for each of their customer’s needs. To differentiate effectively, MSPs should look to partner with a cloud service provider who has a flexible service model.

Solution: Probax and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Probax was born from more and more MSPs needing their clients’ data protection services to be made simple, efficient, scalable, and most importantly, reliable. Over the last decade, Probax has developed several innovative and award-winning solutions focused on solving the data protection challenges that have plagued MSPs. Probax and Wasabi have teamed up to deliver further value to the MSP channel. With Wasabi, Probax can now offer intelligent turnkey data protection solutions that deliver the performance, flexibility, reliability and price predictability that MSPs require to stay ahead of the competition. And with healthy MSP margins, Probax ensures that partners who utilize Wasabi powered solutions are well compensated building a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins.

Honeycomb Storage (BaaS)

Honeycomb Storage has been purpose built for use with “best of breed” backup and availability vendors including Veeam and StorageCraft. With the unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities of Hive, Probax Honeycomb Storage provides:

  • Affordable Cloud Storage – Pooled, low cost cloud storage across an MSP’s entire customer base with no fees for data operations or egress.
  • Performance & Reliability – Segregated storage tubs on highly available active-active storage clusters. The extensive redundancy and resiliency measures across the solution ensures that client data is safe and readily available.
  • Scalability & Automation – Massive scale-out capability with intelligent automation that frees up engineering time and improves efficiencies of scale across the business.

Honeycomb Archive Storage (AaaS)
Honeycomb makes archival and retrieval of data seamless and secure. With a simple and predictable pricing model, businesses can leave behind the risks and inefficiencies associated with legacy tape and traditional public cloud solutions. Honeycomb Archive Storage Provides:

  • Award-Winning Automation – Honeycomb virtual tapes are automatically created from BaaS storage according to a schedule you set, eliminating the need to transfer additional data to Probax. Quickly restore archived data back to primary storage in a single click.
  • Enhanced Security – Honeycomb data is securely “air-gapped”, meaning they are resilient against malicious or accidental deletions.
  • Simple Pricing Model – Honeycomb provides ultra-low-cost pricing per GB, with no hidden fees for data operations or egress.

Dropbox Backup & Archive (SaaS Protection)
Probax’s integration for Dropbox adds backup, archival and independent rapid ransomware recovery capabilities to the popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for businesses.

Retain customer data as secure, air-gapped restore points according to a schedule and criteria you choose. Data is highly accessible and ready to be restored back to your client’s Dropbox account. Dropbox Backup & Archive provides:

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup – Data is automatically transferred from Dropbox to Probax, preventing the need to upload data from the client site.
  • Rapid Ransomware Recovery – One click restoration allows your Dropbox users to recover from a ransomware attack in minutes
  • Unlimited Data Retention – Extend data retention far beyond the native limits of Dropbox.
  • Secure Air-Gapped Storage – Secure storage resilient against malicious or accidental deletions.
  • Simple Pricing Model – Simple, per-user model to suit your budget and retention requirements.

Probax and Wasabi Partner to Deliver High Margin Cloud Services for Managed Service Providers

Cost-Effective Backup and Archive Solutions for MSPs

The Probax and Wasabi partnership is quickly proving to be a compelling offering for MSPs to manage and protect their customers’ vital business data. Customers can quickly and reliably backup critical applications and data to a disruptively affordable and higher performing cloud storage service for ultimate protection and economics.

By leveraging the Probax platform, North American MSPs servicing the enterprise, small business, and public sector can now offer cost effective and leading backup and recovery solutions to their customers. Organizations of all sizes can now easily integrate with Wasabi’s affordable and fast hot cloud storage solution to improve the bottom line. The new partnership offers substantial cost savings and enhanced performance so partners can gain additional margin while providing a cost effective, reliable and secure storage solution.