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Improve Data Protection, Achieve Cloud Backup and Active Archive with LucidLink and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Extremely affordable cloud storage
  • High-performance, direct access to object storage
  • Streaming access to large datasets
  • Durable storage for archival and compliance
  • Snapshot support and access controls for advanced ransomware
  • Universal cloud connector for any backup application
  • Data streaming capabilities


  • Reduce risk and exposure due to data loss
  • Protect against disasters, human error, ransomware, and malware
  • Save on storage and licensing costs
  • Extend previous investments
  • Gain value from backup data through instant access
  • Data sovereignty through strong security and encryption

According to IDG, unstructured data is growing at a rate of 62% per year. In fact, by 2022, 93% of all data in the digital universe will be unstructured based on IDG research. As organizations move toward a complete digital transformation, they aim to adopt storage technologies that are agile, easy-to-manage, scalable, and cost-efficient. Data is the new basis of competitive advantage, but with this massive increase in data, companies remain challenged with protecting their data against equipment disruptions, disasters, and ransomware.

By combining Wasabi public cloud object storage with LucidLink Filespaces™, organizations gain a high-performance file service backed by a secure, fast, affordable cloud storage.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Affordable Beyond Compare

Unlike legacy cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and complex pricing schemes, Wasabi hot cloud Storage offers predictable and straightforward pricing and supports every cloud storage application. With a low monthly fee and no egress fees or API charges, Wasabi is 80% less expensive than Amazon S3 and also is predictable for customers.

Secure, High-Performance File Access that Performs Like a Local Disk

When backed by Wasabi hot cloud Storage, Filespaces helps extend Wasabi’s versatility to file workloads. LucidLink Filespaces provides a true file system for Wasabi hot cloud Storage that streams data securely and eliminates the need to download and synchronize. Both users and applications can connect to the same global namespace, using it as if it were a local, shared volume. By dramatically increasing metadata efficiency and streaming file data on-demand, it significantly improves file access performance. The solution provides streaming access to files from globally distributed locations.

Backup and Archive in the Cloud

Cloud consumption is at an all-time high, and it is time for backup solutions to keep up. Current backup products on the market often charge extra to offload data to the cloud, and they often require custom connectors. They may not be able to deliver the same types of retention models as they can for a local disk.

By storing data directly in Wasabi via LucidLink Filespaces, users can extend backup repositories to the cloud with no additional configuration required. This is ideal for backup storage with products where cloud-native offload does not work well enough or has costly licensing implications. Backup data is immediately available in case a disaster strikes and provides advanced file system features traditionally unavailable in the cloud.

With LucidLink and Wasabi, customers can save up to 80% over traditional cloud backup methodologies, by saving on infrastructure, storage, and license costs. Local backup storage is not needed since LucidLink shows up as a local drive. Exposing object storage as a file system makes it possible to store data from diverging products in the same bucket. This enables customers to consolidate and or migrate existing file servers to the cloud.

Data Protection

As a distributed file system on top of Wasabi hot cloud storage, LucidLink provides secure user access and ransomware protection through its industry-leading snapshot support.

Snapshots are applied instantly, which is ideal for backup purposes and defend against ransomware attacks. Users can quickly restore prior versions of individual files or revert the entire Filespace to an earlier point without incurring any operational overhead. Since only the modifications are captured, it is incredibly efficient. LucidLink provides the ability to go back in time to before the ransomware attack occurred.

Improve Data Protection, Achieve Cloud Backup and Active Archive with LucidLink and Wasabi

LucidLink and Wasabi Solution

The LucidLink and Wasabi solution enables users and applications to securely access files from scalable and highly affordable object storage for distributed workloads requiring high-performance. Wasabi’s storage capabilities are designed to expand use cases for data-heavy workloads with the ability to scale up as usage grows.

LucidLink provides high-performance file access to Wasabi, extending its usefulness to file-based production workloads. Utilizing concepts from distributed databases and cloud gateways, LucidLink created a cloud-native file system on top of Wasabi hot cloud storage.