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Empower Your Tape and Hybrid Cloud Backup Strategy with Wasabi and FalconStor VTL

Key Features

  • Error-free deduplication
  • Upload speeds up to 40 TB/hour
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Migrate virtual tapes to S3 object storage for archive purposes in the cloud


  • Reduce backup windows
  • Improve storage efficiency by up to 95%
  • Scales predictably and cost-effectively
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

For years, magnetic tape has been a staple of data centers around the world. Its low cost and high physical durability have made it a favorite medium for long-term archival data. By modern standards, however, tape is quite slow. Retrieving data on tape is magnitudes slower than digital methods such as on-premise storage or the cloud. Still, tapes are vital to the storage strategies of many enterprises across industries.

FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with deduplication is a disk-based solution that modernizes the tape archive environment. Together with Wasabi hot cloud storage, enterprises can improve the performance of their long-term archive operation and add an additional layer of redundancy to hybrid storage environments.

FalconStor VTL Improves Tape Backup Efficiency

Typically, backing up to tape is a time consuming process, but FalconStor VTL optimizes the backup experience by reducing backup windows. FalconStor VTL with deduplication reaches rates of nearly 40 TB/hour at a 3X to 6X price/performance ratio over a leading competitive solution, lowering operational costs.

FalconStor’s error-free deduplication technology can also reduce your overall storage burden. The software works by removing redundant data blocks and replacing them with pointers to the unique data copy. Only unique blocks from the last time the data was stored are kept, improving storage efficiency by up to 95%. Further, all unnecessary meta-data is removed, leaving only the raw data stored on disk.

Wasabi + FalconStor VTL For a Best-of-Breed Hybrid Cloud Experience

FalconStor VTL is hardware-agnostic, meaning you can choose the most economical hardware configuration best suited to your use case with no lock-in. FalconStor unifies NAS and VTL technologies to enhance legacy backup with a more flexible data protection architecture. And, in addition to sending backups to standard tape libraries, it can send data to Wasabi via an S3 interface for an added layer of redundancy and access. This flexibility is ideal for a hybrid storage environment looking to build a best-of-breed solution that avoids the pitfalls of vendor lock-in. Unlike other storage vendors who use egress and API request charges as a means to box customers in, Wasabi allows for freedom of movement between applications by eliminating such fees.

Hybrid cloud organizations looking to scale affordably will also see advantages to using Wasabi and FalconStor’s joint solution. FalconStor VTL can add VTL nodes as your company’s data needs grow, making scaling simple and predictable. Wasabi’s simple pricing model and lack of egress and API request charges make predicting your monthly storage bill easy.

Empower Your Tape and Hybrid Cloud Backup Strategy with Wasabi and FalconStor VTL

About FalconStor VTL

FalconStor Software, Inc (OTCQB: FALC) is a technology company whose mission is to deliver technical innovation that creates investment protection, flexibility, and leverage of modern cloud-based technologies for enterprise users. The company provides software and cloud services that enable enterprise customers to better manage, protect, secure, and make use of their valuable data. Customers achieve lower costs, simpler operations, greater data security, higher confidence in their business continuity, and greater ability to effectively use their data assets to drive innovation. Founded in 2000, FalconStor has headquarters in Austin, Texas and additional offices in New York, Europe and Asia. Its solutions are available and supported by a vast network of system integrators and resellers. Connect with FalconStor on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the company’s blog.