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Integrate The Wasabi Cloud To Make Your Backup Concepts With SEP Sesam More Versatile And Efficient

Key Features

  • Easy to use by providing identical behavior of local and cloud based datastores
  • Integrated efficient SEP deduplication
  • Mounting of backups for Single File Restore
  • New authentication & authorisation concept


  • Replicate directly to S3 for DR and archiving
  • Improved performance, scaling and storage savings
  • New functions for EU GDPR compliance through simplified media management
  • MSP options: Account-based permissions for VMs, new MSP report


In the past few years the information technology world has seen a dramatic increase in cyber crimes. It’s critical that IT teams deploy backup and recovery solutions from companies they know and trust, and choose offsite backup locations that comply with data sovereignty regulations. SEP and Wasabi have teamed up to provide enterprises a comprehensive backup solution equipped for the challenges of data growth and increasing cybersecurity demands.

SEP sesam offers hybrid backup/disaster recovery solutions to protect cross-platform, heterogeneous IT environments. The “SEP sesam” solution is “Made in Germany,” absolutely without backdoors and secures a wide range of virtual environments, operating systems, databases & applications – up to SAP. Among other services like global software deduplication, SEP offers certified backup solutions for the entire SAP solution stack including SAP HANA, SAP Business One, SAP NetWeaver on various databases & SAP ASE. As a Wasabi technology partner, SEP supports the Wasabi cloud as a destination for migration, source side deduplication, mounting of backups for Single File Restore, replication, and other business critical functions. The SEP solution also offers extensive support for the backup of collaboration systems such as Exchange, HCL Domino, and Groupwise among others. The support of complex system environments enables the consolidation of multiple backup systems into a centrally managed hybrid backup solution. SEP consistently implements the EU-GDPR & other compliance requirements, offers solutions for on-premise & in the cloud, Cloud App Protection Services for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite), MS Dynamics and Azure AD as well as for service providers running Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) based on SEP sesam technology.

SEP puts security first and covers various security aspects that other providers cannot offer, as SEP develops the software in Germany/Europe and provides service and support from Germany. As a European/German manufacturer, SEP guarantees freedom from backdoors and data protection compliance. There are no secret backdoors for secret services and therefore no security holes that could also be used by others. SEP complies with national regulations like the no-spy clause of the BMI and SEP guarantees BSI conformity. In the event of support, data and log files do not end up outside of EU/Germany and also the viewing of data, e.g. during TeamViewer sessions by SEP support, remains completely in Germany, so that compliance and GDPR requirements are also maintained here.

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Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast, and reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors. Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and data immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. Not only is Wasabi 80% less expensive to store data than traditional cloud providers, but there are also no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi keeps all data “hot” so it can be accessed in milliseconds. All SEP and Wasabi customers can treat their data as hot data, so they can shorten upload windows and quickly access their data for faster restore times.

How do I use SEP sesam with Wasabi?