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Key Features

  • Pre-provisioned & isolated recovery cloud environment for rapid restoration
  • Self-service portal to initiate restoration and management of recovery environment
  • Pre-configured & customizable network integrations


  • Dedicated connection between service and Wasabi buckets, continuous rescans & 24/7 monitoring & alerting
  • Predictable and scalable cost models for a low-cost DR Solution
  • Integration with Opti9’s Observr provides the ability to instantly initiate DR response to suspicious activity

What is Opti9 DR-Ready?

Strengthen your Wasabi + Veeam backup strategy by utilizing DR-Ready provided by Opti9. If your organization utilizes Veeam for offsite backups on Wasabi, DR-Ready is your cost-effective solution for ensuring business continuity during disaster recovery events. DR-Ready extends recovery capabilities beyond regular backups, eliminating the need for data duplication or dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure.

Ideal for applications that enjoy flexible RTO requirements, DR-Ready is easily integrated without any changes to your current production environment, backup strategy, or configuration.

DR-Ready is available to any organization utilizing Veeam to store their backups on offsite cloud storage platforms, such as Wasabi. While this isn’t a replacement for a complete Disaster Recovery strategy, DR-Ready provides an affordable alternative to maintain business continuity should a disaster recovery event occur.

Disaster Recovery for Veeam and Wasabi Solutions

Why Wasabi and Opti9 Are Better Together

DR-Ready was designed to provide a simple and straightforward disaster recovery capability to organizations who store Veeam backups on Wasabi and are looking for an on-demand, managed, cloud-based recovery service

DR-Ready provides disaster recovery capabilities ideal for applications that enjoy flexible RTOs. Additionally, DR-Ready is easily integrated into your Wasabi and Veeam solution without any changes to your current production environment, backup strategy, or configuration.
Organizations using Wasabi with Veeam can instantly gain DR capability in minutes, and at a low cost.
Additionally, Wasabi & Opti9 have collaborated to ensure the solution is as efficient as possible by:

    Maintaining unrestricted & low-latency connectivity between our adjacent regions
    Establishing and maintaining connection between customer’s Wasabi bucket(s) and Opti9 restore service 24×7 with automated re-scans, and monitoring
    No changes need to be made to the Wasabi backup configuration or Veeam configurations

Disaster Recovery for Veeam and Wasabi Solutions