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Efficiently Manage Substantial Data Growth with Diskover Data and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Highly scalable solution with complete data lifecycle management through analytics, workflows, and cost-effective platforms
  • Storage space reusage through safe and methodical data curation via global visibility and workflow automation
  • Reduces capex and opex associated with large amounts of data across complex storage networks


  • Cost control through sustainable data and storage space management
  • Enhance data security with insights on sensitive data paired with immutable storage
  • Increased efficiency while reducing human errors through automated workflows

What is Diskover?

File systems as well as storage platforms are continuously expanding, making it impossible for end-users to locate files with a single search, nor see the entirety of their data behind a pane-of-glass.

Diskover is a data management solution serving as a virtual filing cabinet, giving clients complete control of all their distributed digital assets, no matter where they are located, on-premise or in the cloud. Diskover’s automated workflows initiate the movement of source files, based on pre-determined indexed metadata enriched with business context. Clients can then make informed decisions on where to optimally store their data.

Efficiently Manage Substantial Data Growth with Diskover Data and Wasabi

Why Diskover Data and Wasabi Are Better Together?

Diskover Data and Wasabi have partnered together to help businesses take control of their data and its costs. The joint solution is extremely affordable, enabling companies to be more efficient at controlling their digital assets, increasing productivity, lowering operating costs, and reducing human errors by automating the lifecycle of their projects. Additionally, Diskover and Wasabi offer exceptional speed, reliability, flexibility, and can handle massive amounts of data.

With Diskover’s automated workflows, data can either be deleted or migrated to Wasabi hot cloud storage for low-cost assets preservation. With no egress or API request fees, clients can freely move and access data within Wasabi.

Users are empowered to take action on data by using Wasabi hot cloud storage with Diskover’s integrated features providing powerful granular search capabilities, multiple analytics, workflow automation, as well as file actions like seamless access to third-party platforms.

About Wasabi

Wasabi is a public cloud object storage service that is 1/5th the price of AWS S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi provides 11 x 9s of data durability, high system availability, and support for immutable storage buckets. Wasabi is fully compatible with the AWS S3 API with support for hundreds of S3-compatible storage applications, including Object First, and has been certified for compliance with enterprise security and privacy standards.

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