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Comprehensive Enterprise Data Protection and Fast, Cost-effective Cloud Storage with Wasabi and Cohesity

Key Features

  • High-performing and secure risk mitigation
  • Always available data management with near-instant RTOs
  • Simple and scalable backup and recovery for any cloud application


  • Simplified data management and storage with direct to cloud
  • Cyber resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting with hot cloud storage
  • Unified data management system for securing and extracting your data

What is Cohesity DataProtect?

An organization’s data is the primary key to competitive differentiation and success in the market. With data growth each year, its critical to have simple, scalable and secure data management and protection solutions to address the increased threats and risks to your organization’s data.

Cohesity believes technology should work harder and smarter for you, whether it’s reducing complexity, keeping your business secure, or delivering more value. Constant innovation to build the leading data security and management platform helps you stay ahead of modern-day challenges.

Cohesity DataProtect is the most comprehensive protection for your traditional and modern data sources on a multi-cloud data platform. Instantly recover at scale, across multiple infrastructure environments.

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Why Wasabi and Cohesity Are Better Together?

Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, secure backup and recovery solution. Together, Wasabi and Cohesity are designed to safeguard your data against sophisticated cyber threats. Combined, Wasabi and Cohesity offer the most cost-effective, comprehensive and secure policy-based protection for your cloud-native, SaaS, and traditional data sources.

The best data management solutions offer options to maintaining your data and backing it up. With Wasabi and Cohesity, you can skip the maintenance of your software and on-prem targets by utilizing direct to cloud and backup on-prem applications directly to the cloud.
The combined simplicity of both Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Cohesity DataProtect mean that you can set up this solution within minutes. Speed is vital in these quick moving times, and near-instant RTOs are required, along with near-zero RPOs to ensure you are reducing downtime. And with no egress or API fees, data can be recovered at breakneck speed for no additional cost.

Utilizing the cloud for data storage is a valuable economic benefit for managing and scaling your growing data. Limit the need for on-prem hardware by utilizing sustainable and cost-effective hot cloud storage. With Wasabi and Cohesity, you can easily configure your backup jobs and, within minutes, start protecting your mission-critical data and applications.

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