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Automation-Driven Disaster and Ransomware Recovery with Cloud IBR SaaS, Wasabi and Veeam

Key Features

  • Dedicated bare metal servers for full data control
  • Direct connects with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • Vast global footprint with 290+ global PoPs across more than 50 countries with Zenlayer


  • Predictable cost for storage with no fees for moving data
  • Scale up and down instantly and without fees
  • Meet compliance regulations through a complete infrastructure solution

What is Cloud IBR SaaS?

A simple, cost-effective, and fully-automated Disaster Recovery SaaS platform for your Veeam backups stored in Wasabi Object Storage, with on-demand, automation-driven Bare Metal Cloud server and storage infrastructure.

The Cloud IBR SaaS platform automatically deploys Bare Metal Cloud servers in minutes, at locations across the US, imports your Veeam backups stored in Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, and immediately begins recovering your servers.

Why Wasabi and Cloud IBR Are Better Together?

Wasabi and Cloud IBR combine to deliver an easy-to-use and affordable interface creating the ideal Disaster Recovery solution for small and medium sized enterprises to quickly recover from ransomware attacks and natural disasters, using their immutable Veeam backups in Wasabi. With the joint solution, most SMB’s recoveries are completed in less than a few hours.

Every recovery test you run with Cloud IBR provides a full report of your disaster recovery test, which is perfect for showing proof of recovery to your auditor, insurance carrier, and customer ensuring you meet all your compliance needs. Legacy DRaaS services typically cost many thousands of dollars per month. With Wasabi and Cloud IBR, Resellers and MSP’s can now profitably provide Disaster Recovery SaaS to all of their clients for their Veeam and Wasabi backups. Full automation of the Disaster Recovery ensures customers do not suffer from downtime or data loss.

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