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CentreStack transforms the familiar drive mapping, file locking, and permission controls from your file server into a versatile cloud solution.

CentreStack provides a unique cloud file server solution that integrates Active Directory, NTFS permissions, remote mapped drive and file locking capabilities with Wasabi cloud storage services. 

The CentreStack and Wasabi Storage integration provides a powerful solution for organizations seeking a comprehensive cloud file server experience. By embracing file server mobilization and compatibility, businesses can bridge the gap between backup and file server capabilities, revolutionizing collaboration, data control, and accessibility.  The combined solution leverages the affordability, scalability, and reliability of Wasabi Storage while harnessing CentreStack’s file-server-compatible access and collaboration layer. 

Wasabi and CentreStack, with its API integration, adds secure remote access and file sharing, disaster prevention and recovery to on-premises file servers with easy cloud migration to Wasabi Web Services. For files and folders that you have already migrated to Wasabi Storage in other ways, CentreStack puts a file server interface above the raw Wasabi Storage service and turns it into a secure access and file sharing solution.