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Nasuni consolidates NAS and remote office file servers using modern, cost-effective cloud object storage

Wasabi has partnered with Nasuni to help businesses reduce storage cost and complexity. Eliminate islands of traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS), file backup, and disaster recovery with Nasuni and Wasabi’s unified, infinitely scalable, and simple to manage file services solution.

Nasuni Partners with Wasabi

Centralized, Scalable Cloud File Storage

Nasuni Cloud File Storage built on Wasabi delivers a simple, fast, and low-cost enterprise file storage solution for all your data needs. By eliminating the need for traditional NAS and file servers and replacing them with a simplified cloud solution, you can save up to 50% or even more on your business’ overall storage costs. Nasuni and Wasabi deliver unlimited scalability to your enterprise with fast, local file access for your global and remote workforce, whether it consists of one site or hundreds.