Lower the Cost of Your Microsoft 365 Cloud Backups with Veeam + Wasabi

The easiest, safest, most cost-effective way to protect your Microsoft (Office) 365 data from ransomware or accidental deletion.

Wasabi is the #1 cloud storage target for Veeam for Microsoft 365 backup

Veeam® is the market leader in Microsoft 365 backup on-prem and in the cloud with more than 11 million users protected. Wasabi is reinventing cloud storage, providing unlimited capacity with simple, predictable pricing and no fees for egress or API requests. Together, you get:

  • Comprehensive protection of Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams data at substantially lower costs.
  • Flexible recovery options that don’t incur additional storage charges
  • Seamless integration for point-and-click simplicity.

Add a little Wasabi to your Veeam backup solution

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Why you should back up your Microsoft 365 data now!

Microsoft 365 delivers great uptime and resilience but does not provide comprehensive data protection. Human error is prevalent, ransomware is on the rise — your critical emails, files, folders, presentations, and team chats are all vulnerable to data loss.

Join us on Sept. 27 at 1 pm EDT to learn why backup matters and the steps you need to take to protect all of your critical Microsoft 365 data.

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Protect Microsoft 365 data

from accidental deletions or ransomware attacks.

Satisfy retention policies

by filling gaps in Microsoft’s retention policies while saving up to 80% on cloud storage.

Restore quickly and easily

with highest recovery flexibility, lowest RPO, and zero cost for egress.

Meet compliance requirements

with fast, granular search and recovery of individual objects.


Veeam + Wasabi. Better Together.


Low-cost unlimited capacity

Offload expensive on-prem equipment with cloud storage that’s up to 80% less than the hyperscalers.

No fees for egress or API requests

Test and restore your backups without unpredictable and costly storage bills.

Blazing fast backups and restores

Pair industry-leading RPO/RTO with the fastest cloud object storage money can buy.

Ready to sleep easier? Let us show you how simple and affordable it is to backup all of your Microsoft 365 data in the cloud.

Whether you’re a Veeam power user or just realizing you need to backup your Microsoft 365 data, we can help you determine the next best steps to quickly, easily, and affordably protect your valuable business data. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our certified Veeam+Wasabi consultants.