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We do just one thing and we do it better than anyone else: cloud storage. Our singular focus enables us to deliver the simplest, highly secure and performant enterprise-class cloud storage in the industry and offer it at 1/5th the price of the hyperscalers.

Wasabi is faster than AWS S3, just as durable and reliable, yet priced closer to what you’d expect to pay for archival storage tiers. On top of that, we don’t charge for egress or API requests. That means you get predictable pricing and can access your data whenever you want without being penalized.


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What can our singular focus do for you?

  • Enable fast, reliable backup and recovery – Increase RTO/RPO and test your backups often without fear of egress fees.
  • Retrieve archival data where and when you need it – Ideal for media production, remote collaboration, universities, hospitals, and anywhere requiring instant access to archived content.
  • Protect you from ransomware – S3 Object Lock and immutable buckets included free of charge make it impossible for anyone to delete, alter, or encrypt your data.
  • Store more data longer – Increase retention periods for business or compliance requirements. Perfect for video surveillance, healthcare records, or any use case requiring unexpected access to long-term storage.
  • Build best-of-breed solutions – Access the largest ecosystem of independent cloud service and application partners in the industry – compute, backup, media management, content delivery, and much more to build the solution that’s just right for your organization.

Still not convinced that Wasabi is the cloud storage for you?

Here’s what GIGAOM has to say about Wasabi’s revolutionary hot cloud storage.

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