Wasabi and X-OD: It’s Never Been Easier to Sell Cloud Object Storage-as-a-Service in Europe

Richard Kellstrom
Richard Kellstrom

Wasabi recently announced a brand new distribution contract with Exclusive Networks, a globally trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure. This contract brings Wasabi hot cloud storage to resellers across EMEA through Exclusive’s on-demand platform, X-OD. While it may look like a typical distribution relationship, it’s anything but. Let me explain. 

X-OD is a never-before-seen platform that enables Resellers and MSPs to acquire any type of technology through flexible subscriptions. It transforms value across the channel, helping traditional resellers on their paths to becoming MSPs and helping current MSPs acquire technology in the same way they sell it. 

Through X-OD, MSPs and Resellers can immediately access cloud object storage-as-a-service at attractive prices, with superior performance and enhanced payment options either for stand-alone requirements or as a part of larger projects. 

The top benefits for resellers purchasing Wasabi through X-OD include: 

  • Building recurring revenue without cash-intensive up-front purchases
  • Easily bundling storage solutions with existing vendors and services
  • Automated ordering and fulfillment
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • And advanced invoicing options

Exclusive Networks also has strong relationships with several of Wasabi’s Technology Alliance Partners. Partners can bundle Wasabi with their backup and recovery solution, archive data from on-prem storage to the cloud, or create end-to-end data protection solutions with one of Exclusive Networks’ existing vendors including Rubrik, HYCU, and Cloudian. Partners are also empowered to bring their own solutions to the Exclusive platform, which allows access to Wasabi’s extensive list of over 350 Technology Alliance Partners with certified interoperability.

Dennis Ferrand-Ajchenbaum, VP Global Vendor Alliances and Business Development at Exclusive Networks commented, “Wasabi’s cloud storage expertise and Exclusive Networks’ X-OD platform together create a compelling value proposition that delivers amazing opportunities for partners of all kinds. With the combined power of Wasabi and X-OD, partners can innovate a wide range of consumption and subscription models in the skyrocketing data storage market. In strategic terms, it also adds to the overall value and stickiness of the X-OD platform.”

Wasabi is now available in the X-OD platform in ten EMEA countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Iberia, Austria, and Finland. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more and get started on the platform.

Richard Kellstrom
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Richard Kellstrom