File Sharing and Object Storage: Two Great Techs That Go Great Together

David Boland
David Boland
Senior Director, Product Marketing

File-sharing technology delivers high performance and popular protocols for providing much-needed structure to unstructured data. Object storage delivers unlimited scale and simplicity for cost-effectively storing large amounts of data. Just like that old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial from the 1970s, where a guy holding a chocolate bar collides with someone eating from a jar of peanut butter, combining these two technologies seems like an obvious winner. But until the recently announced partnership between CTERA and Wasabi, there were significant challenges to overcome.

“You got your egress fees in my fileshare!”

Just about every customer that is looking to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud is in need of a file share. However, the file structure of on-premises systems does not easily translate to object storage. To complicate matters, files are continuously created, modified, and shared by workers, and each file must be stored, cataloged, and retrieved upon request. With traditional cloud object storage from the likes of AWS, Google, and Microsoft, retrieving, changing, and uploading files all create an additional (and unpredictable) financial burden on the customer because all of these vendors charge additional fees for egress, API requests, retrieval, and on-net or transport between regions.

CTERA and Wasabi have done away with these hidden charges. Additionally, CTERA’s high-performance file system, paired with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, delivers the performance that users have grown accustomed to with their on-prem solutions.

“Two great cloud technologies that work great together”

Wasabi and CTERA formed their strategic alliance to provide a tightly integrated, self-service, global file system offering designed to modernize NAS file storage. The resulting file services platform, CTERA Files, unifies endpoint, branch office, and cloud file services, so organizations can collaborate seamlessly across different environments all while better protecting their data. By unifying local file services with cloud-based object storage service powered by Wasabi, the new solution allows businesses to modernize every aspect of their distributed file services delivery, from headquarters and remote offices, to work-from-home laptops, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and mobile devices.

“CTERA’s global file system paired with Wasabi’s object storage delivers on-prem performance to handle the demands of a big project while protecting historical files and stale data in a vast, encrypted cloud container. Add to that mix an elegant web interface for anywhere access to all our information, including endpoint backups, and we have the perfect solution to address the evolving needs of our organization.”

– James Payne, Technology Director, Glenn Davis Group

Just like Glenn Davis Group customer, James Payne, we think that CTERA Files users are going to be thrilled with the combination of industry-leading cloud file services and Wasabi’s award-winning cloud object storage. Why shouldn’t they? Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups delivers “Two great tastes that taste great together”, CTERA Files is delivering “Two great technologies that work great together.”

CTERA is currently offering a no-risk 30-day free trial, so now’s the time to give CTERA Files a test drive.

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David Boland
Written By

David Boland

Senior Director, Product Marketing