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Never suffer from data loss ever again. Use BackupAssist ER and BackupAssist Classic to perform onsite and offsite backups to safeguard your servers.

BackupAssist specializes in automated server backup and recovery software for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). BackupAssist ER & BackupAssist Classic are interoperable with Wasabi hot cloud storage and provide a solution optimized for the needs and budget of SMEs.

Backup & Recovery Solution

Intelligent Data Storage

With BackupAssist ER, backups are recoverable to anywhere, and can be used for both full system recoveries and granular recoveries. Together with the flexibility of Wasabi’s cloud, the BackupAssist ER joint solution is a powerful, cost-effective tool for safeguarding your business’ data.

For customers who only require backing up files and applications to the cloud (but not the entire system), the BackupAssist Classic solution is ideal and is also interoperable with Wasabi. BackupAssist Classic can perform system backups to onsite storage, while additionally backing up files and applications to the Wasabi cloud for an extra layer of protection.