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When the cost and performance of storage become a non-issue, you can focus all your energies on building great application experiences.

When your mission is to create great application experiences for employees and customers, you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost or performance of the infrastructure you use to develop and store your apps. Your time, budget, and energies are better spent building world-class applications that delight your users.

That’s why Wasabi offers a fast and simple way for you to store your application code, tools, and data in the cloud at commodity prices. With no fuss, no muss, you get faster access to your data than you’d get with the competition, helping you improve your time to market and the user experience. Yet you’ll pay 80% less than AWS S3. And our immutable buckets make sure your master code is never corrupted, altered, or deleted. What’s not to like?


Managing storage as you create software

Cost and performance are key variables of application development, testing and production deployments for every organization. Storage can be a significant component of your cost structure, depending on how much data your applications generate and what your storage strategy is. High-performance storage can accelerate time-to-production and improve application quality, so there’s no compromising on access speeds. And it goes without saying that you need a storage solution that’s secure.

Wasabi hot cloud storage delivers on all these requirements. We scale right alongside your needs, at utility pricing. So you don’t have to worry about cost for development and testing. When it comes to accessing your stored tools code, big data and components, we’re fast–in fact, faster than the competition. And our immutability capabilities protect your stored code or application data against accidental or malicious changes and deletions.


Paying 80% less for storage may be just what your application needs to reach profitability.


Access your tools, stored code, and data faster than the competition to improve your time to market.


Immutable buckets make sure your master code is never corrupted, altered, or deleted.


The C-Level’s Guide to Surviving the BIG DATA Apocalypse

In seven short years, the world will generate 163 zettabytes of data. That’s 160 trillion gigabytes! Meanwhile, A.I and analytics tools are growing smarter by the minute, enabling organizations in every industry to extract ever more value from their stored data. Are you prepared?

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Wasabi in Action

Industry Use Cases

Financial services
Banking, brokerage, and insurance applications contain proprietary, confidential customer information and must be protected against data leakage. When your apps and app-generated data are stored using Wasabi’s immutable storage feature, they’re impervious to hacking, alteration, and theft. No one can touch it or change it unless you give the word.

Web apps
Performance is everything when you’re developing for the web. Consumers will abandon a web page if it takes 3 seconds or more to load. Using Wasabi hot cloud storage, you can take instant, space-efficient snapshots of individual dev, test and production virtual machines (VMs) without any performance impact. You’ll be able to replicate these snapshots and save them in Wasabi for business continuity or archive them for historical rollback. With storage performance speeds faster than the competition, you can be sure that your customers and development teams can always access data instantly.

Online advertising
It’s customary to offer a free social or mobile app to consumers so you can make money on advertising. But if your app burns through expensive storage space, as many image-intensive and social-sharing sites do, you might run out of cash before you build an audience large enough to bring in revenue. Wasabi hot cloud storage makes it economically possible for entrepreneurs to store what they need to store while they are in the early stages of building a user base, so you can afford to hang in there until the revenues start rolling in.

Preventing data leakage of confidential patient records is a major challenge for healthcare application developers. When your apps and app-generated data are stored using Wasabi’s immutable storage feature, they’re impervious to hacking, alteration, and theft. No one can touch it or change it unless you give the word. And real-time apps like patient monitoring can make use of Wasabi-stored data, which is instantly accessible from the cloud.

Why Wasabi

Agile Development and Testing
Independent software vendors (ISVs) can significantly improve their time to market using Agile DevTest processes. Yet the cost of data storage that accompanies those processes can create roadblocks. With Wasabi hot cloud storage, that problem disappears. We make cloud storage a simple, AWS S3-compatible commodity. You store and retain development, integration, test, and production data at a radically low cost while satisfying stringent security, durability, and compliance requirements.

Big Data and Analytics
Regardless of industry, big data apps deal with very large unstructured data sets and are dependent on a wide variety of analytic tools that provide answers fast. That means big data storage has to scale accordingly to provide both speed and scalability o keep pace with analytics tools and the increasingly large data sets that feed analytical engines. Wasabi gets you there with a faster read/write speed advantage over the competition.

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