Wasabi brings scalable, efficient, and cost effective cloud storage to ANZ with Crayon rhipe

July 26, 2023By Craig Stockdale

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the demand for scalable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud storage solutions has reached an all-time high. But in the face of complex billing structures and soaring storage costs from major hyperscalers, the need for a refreshing alternative has never been more apparent. Enter Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, a game-changing cloud object storage service that promises to revolutionize cloud storage. With storage fast becoming ubiquitous, we'll explore the strategic partnership between Wasabi and Crayon rhipe and celebrate how this collaboration is driving the transformation of cloud storage services across ANZ and the Asia Pacific regions. 

A strategic evolution with Crayon rhipe 

Partnering with Crayon rhipe marks a significant milestone in Wasabi's journey as a leading cloud storage vendor in the ANZ and APAC. With a vast network of over 4,000 MSPs and channels, Crayon rhipe provides the ideal platform to amplify Wasabi's best-of-breed cloud storage services. This strategic alliance is well positioned for backup and recovery solutions among vendors like Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik, Cohesity and Veritas as well as traditional on-premise storage solutions from Dell/EMC, NetApp and Pure Storage by leveraging Wasabi's S3 compatible connector. 

Breaking the cost barrier 

In today's data-driven world, the proliferation of data is an undeniable reality. Consequently, storage and backup costs have become major concerns for businesses worldwide as CIOs across industries struggle to contain costs without degradation of service. AWS customers in particular have suffered under complex tiering structures and monthly billing statements, only to discover the hidden fees that inflate their cloud services costs beyond raw storage expenses. 

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage emerges as a cost-effective alternative to both hyperscalers and on-prem hardware solutions. By maintaining a sole focus on cloud storage, Wasabi is better equipped to address the unique needs of storage customers and channel partners throughout the ANZ region. This streamlined approach liberates CIOs from financial constraints, enabling them to redirect funds to more critical areas or retain the savings for future investments. 

The unparalleled Wasabi portfolio 

Crayon's role as a distributor elevates the partnership to greater heights, providing access to the entire suite of Wasabi products, including CloudNAS, Wasabi Account Control Manager, Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager, and Wasabi Surveillance Cloud. This comprehensive portfolio appeals to both MSPs and large Enterprise customers, positioning Wasabi as a compelling choice for cloud storage services. 

A viable alternative to major hyperscalers 

Wasabi stands out by offering a competitive alternative to major hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, particularly in specific use cases. Faster, more cost-effective, and simpler cloud storage sets Wasabi apart, catering to the needs of MSPs and enterprise customers alike. Customers wishing to migrate data from any of their current Hyperscalers to Wasabi will be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings derived and the ROI that underpins the business case to make the move. 

Architecting a more efficient approach to cloud 

As CIOs and businesses navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, partners and service providers play a pivotal role in guiding them towards the right solution. Wasabi's unwavering focus on cloud storage empowers our team to develop cutting-edge technology that aligns with the needs of our partners, technology alliances, and end-users. 

In the face of data growth and escalating storage costs, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage emerges as a compelling solution to revolutionize the cloud storage landscape. The strategic partnership with Crayon rhipe ensures a wider reach and deeper market penetration for Wasabi across ANZ and the Asia Pacific. By embracing Wasabi as an alternative to major hyperscalers, businesses can harness faster, more cost-effective, and simpler cloud storage that aligns perfectly with their evolving needs. Now is the time to reassess and architect a new cloud approach, with Wasabi and Crayon rhipe leading the charge. 

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