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Dell Technologies and Wasabi partner to offer validated cloud storage solutions

Wasabi has been validated for use with products from Dell’s Data Protection Solutions (DPS) and Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS) groups. These Dell+Wasabi solutions are designed to support customers looking to benefit from the ease of use, economics, and security of Wasabi’s industry-leading cloud storage for backup, replication, and long-term retention of backup data.

With Dell+Wasabi, the use cases are endless . . . and endlessly affordable

Long-term Data Retention

Seamlessly enforce data retention while lowering your total cost of ownership by offloading aging data automatically to affordable, fast, and secure Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Direct Backup to the Cloud

Protect on-premises applications from ransomware or accidental deletion by backing up directly to immutable Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Protect remote sites or facilities not suitable to host data protection storage. Overcome limited WAN bandwidth back to on-premises data center.

Replicate to the Cloud

Enable hybrid cloud data mobility and gain peace of mind with a secure copy in the cloud. By replicating on-prem data protection appliances to Wasabi, you get added protection of immutable cloud storage while dramatically reducing your cloud storage costs.

Archiving to Cloud

Unlock the tremendous benefits of the cloud by effortlessly tiering aging data to the cloud. Seamlessly automate the process while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). This streamlined approach optimizes resource allocation, enhances scalability, and enables businesses to efficiently manage their data lifecycle, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and substantial cost savings. 

Why Wasabi for Dell Customers?

Dell Technologies products that have been verified for use with Wasabi are purpose-built to address all your data management and storage challenges.

Low Cost Predictable Pricing

Test and restore your backups with no fees for egress or API calls.

Highly Secure and Reliable

Protect your data from ransomware or accidental deletion with free S3 Object Lock.

Global Presence

Enjoy data sovereignty, higher performance and protection from local disasters with storage regions across the globe.