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Wasabi cloud storage security pillars

Our approach to security is deep and multi-faceted, designed to protect your data, your storage account, and your business. 

Account security

Only your authorized users should have access to your Wasabi account. We enforce this policy with countermeasures that include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Multi-User Authentication, unique Identity & Access Management (IAM) policies, and Enterprise level single sign-on (SSO) options. 


Data security

Our enhanced security posture includes server-side encryption (SSE-C) that’s automatically applied on top of the original ingest object state. 

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Physical security

Our storage regions are deployed in top tier data centers that are SOC 2 compliant and certified for ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS. 


Payment security

We keep your payment information safe in partnership with Stripe, our payment processor. All payments are PCI-DSS certified. 

Security is obviously always on our mind. Data security is such a high-value need because schools are being targeted for things like ransomware now more than ever. It's not really ‘if’ an attack happens anymore, it's ‘when.’ 

– Kevin Warenda director of IT services, The Hotchkiss School 

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Prevent unauthorized account deletion

Our first-of-its-kind Multi-User Authentication feature requires that multiple root users sign off on an account deletion request—preventing malicious actors who have gained access to your credentials from deleting your storage account.

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Explore all the ways we keep your data safe

Wasabi offers a potent blend of security features that enable defense-in-depth for your cloud storage accounts.


Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest on the Wasabi coud storage platform. Wasabi supports the HTTPS protocol and server-side encryption with customer-provided encryption keys (SSE-C). 

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Prevent account takeovers and data breaches, risks that arise with passwords that can be easily compromised. Wasabi leverages MFA and SSO to strengthen your control over account access. 


Take advantage of intracontinental cloud replication and automatic failover—enabling business continuity by storing multiple copies of your files across different regions. 

Object lock

Wasabi Object Lock maintains a write once, read many (WORM) archiving structure that prevents data from being edited or deleted due to ransomware, bad actors, accidental deletions, and other threats over a set period.  

Vulnerability reporting

We maintain open channels of communication that enable you to report vulnerabilities and suspicious activities. 

Defining best practices

Explore more ways we are keeping your data safe and secure. 

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