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Comprehensive Enterprise Data Protection and Fast, Cost-effective Cloud Storage with Wasabi and Cohesity

Wasabi and Cohesity combine to provide a cost-effective, secure and scalable data management infrastructure for your traditional and modern data sources.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Cohesity DataProtect are a high-performance and secure backup and recovery solution for your valuable backups.

Working together, Wasabi and Cohesity can be set up within minutes, providing you with a system designed to safeguard your data against sophisticated cyber threats in a cost-effective system.

Unified data management and storage with direct to cloud

With Wasabi and Cohesity, you can skip the maintenance of your software and on-prem targets by utilizing direct to cloud and backup on-prem applications directly to the cloud.

Your data is protection from potential attacks or accidental deletion with immutability. Achieve data resiliency at scale with Wasbi and Cohesity. Ensure near-instant RTO’s with DataProtect, and that you are not charged for recovering your own data with Wasabi.

Combined, Wasabi and Cohesity offer the most cost-effective, comprehensive and secure policy-based protection for your cloud-native, SaaS, and traditional data sources.