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Data Being Held for Ransom?

You shouldn’t have to pay anyone to access your own data. Not a hacker. Not a hyperscaler. 

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Safeguard your data and your budget

Data backed up in immutable cloud storage is the best way to quickly bounce back from a ransomware attack. But the egress fees the hyperscalers make you pay to get your data back can still feel like a ransom.  

Wasabi never charges for egress or API requests. Our immutable cloud storage means your data can’t be deleted or encrypted. And no single person can delete your cloud storage account. Ever. 

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Protect the data that's fueling your future

With the rise of AI/ML and big data analytics, storing and safeguarding ALL your data is more critical than ever. And more organizations are relying on cloud object storage to do just that.

Wasabi commissioned a study of 1,200 IT decision-makers worldwide to provide insight into their cloud storage strategies, use cases, and the challenges they face.

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* Source: 2024 Wasabi Global Cloud Storage Index 

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Sleep better with your data in Wasabi

We are serious about security and data resilience. Store your data with us and we can help you quickly and affordably bounce back from cybersecurity incidents or accidental data loss. 

Wasabi Immutable Storage

Defense in depth

Defend against intruders with strong data and account security features, including automatic encryption, IAM, MFA, and SSO.

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Immutable storage

Protect against ransomware or accidental deletions with free immutable storage options at the bucket and object level.

Superior account security

Prevent hackers from deleting your cloud storage account with Wasabi’s exclusive Multi-User Authentication feature.

Case Study

Achievement First leverages Veeam + Wasabi

“Anything we put in Wasabi is untouchable to threats like ransomware. If we were to get hit with a ransomware threat, we could restore rather than have to go and try and pay someone to decrypt. We can restore within minutes, and it’s as if it never happened.” 

– Rob Martin, Senior Director of Network Infrastructure and Security, Achievement First 

Backup and recovery partners

Seamless, hassle-free integrations

Wasabi integrates seamlessly with all S3-compatible ransomware solutions and backup providers. 

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Security beyond the cloud

We take security seriously. Protecting your data is our top priority. 

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 Physical Security

  • Top tier data centers

  • SOC 2 compliant and certified for ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS

  • Staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security 

Data security

  • HTTPS secure upload/download 

  • Server-side encryption (SSE-C)

  • Immutable storage options to prevent deletion or alteration

Access security

  • MFA and Identity & Access Management (IAM) policies

  • Enterprise-level single sign-on (SSO) options

  • Multi-User Authentication to prevent account deletion

Wasabi has been an amazing addition to our backup strategy. Last year one of our overseas offices got hit with ransomware and the NAS that was acting as the repository was also encrypted leaving them without any usable onsite backups. I was able to restore their environment from Wasabi with just a few clicks. 

– Brian Fraley, Sr. IT Enterprise Architect at Aquatech International 

Wasabi’s Object Lock has been a game-changer for us. It allows us an additional level of protection from ransomware that we did not have before. It’s easy to use and easy to manage

– Kyle Begle, Network Administrator, Clarke University 

It seems every day we hear about another organization getting hit with a ransomware attack. With Wasabi, if we were ever to get hit with ransomware, we would be able to reinstall the operating systems then bring down our backup from Wasabi within a matter of minutes. Knowing we have all of our data safe and secure really helps me sleep at night.”

– Aaron Miller, Director of IT, Hardin County Government, Kentucky 

Bringing cloud capacity to data complexity

Explore other use cases where Wasabi cloud storage can help you streamline operations
and scale affordably. 


Your primary target for second copies (and first)

Insanely affordable and secure offsite copies that are available at a moment's notice. Plus, you can test your backups and retrieve your data without incurring additional fees.

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