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Prevent data loss and get back up and running quickly without paying a king's ransom in storage costs and unpredictable fees. 

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No fees mean pain-free recovery

Whether you’re seeking protection from ransomware or simple user error, backing up to Wasabi is a great way to prevent both data loss and spiraling cloud costs.

We don’t charge for egress or API calls, so you’ll never be penalized for testing or restoring your backups. Your costs are always predictable. And, our single tier of hot cloud storage is faster than our competitors’ most expensive tiers, yet priced closer to what you’d expect to pay for much slower archive storage.

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Build your cyber-resilience strategy with Wasabi

Backups are a favorite target of cyber criminals because encrypting both your primary systems and secondary backups increases the odds that you’ll pay their ransom. Wasabi Object Lock makes it impossible for anyone to access, alter, or delete your data stored in the Wasabi cloud. It’s like a virtual air gap adding failsafe protection to your multilayered approach to cybersecurity.

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Infinitely affordable and predictable

Freedom to test and restore your backups without costly egress fees or API calls 

Lightning-fast transfers

Reliably reduce backup windows and increase RTO/RPO 

Immutable backups at no extra charge

Prevent data loss—from ransomware or accidental deletions—with a free Wasabi Object Lock feature  

easy integration

Seamless connections with all major backup and recovery providers

Our S3-compatible storage is verified interoperable with best-in-class Technology Alliance Partners. 

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Why tens of thousands of customers trust Wasabi with their data

Enable faster, more reliable, and secure backups while lowering your total cost of storage by as much as 80%. 


We keep your data safe with multiple layers of security, including server-side encryption, MFA, IAM, SSO, and our own exclusive Multi-User Authentication capabilities. 

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Wasabi Object Lock gives you the ability to make any object or storage bucket immutable to change or deletion by anyone during a time-period you designate.


Our hot cloud storage is deployed globally in top-tier data centers certified for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS. We meet all major industry standards and government regulations.


Price Predictability

No additional fees for egress or API requests make it easy to predict your storage bill. See how much you can save compared to the hyperscalers.

Case Study

How Cornell saves $50,000 every year with Veeam & Wasabi

Explore how consolidating four backup solutions into one enhanced data availability and drove business continuity standards.

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“We probably have 300-400 notable restores a year, and we’ve seen huge savings here because we don’t pay for egress with Wasabi.”

David Beardsley, Senior Storage Architect – Cornell University

Backup is just the beginning

Discover other ways to free your data (and free up your budget) with these popular use cases.

Active Archiving

Archived but instantly accessible

Imagine a world where archived data isn’t locked away in cold storage but available at a moment’s notice. Reclaim on-prem capacity without worrying about what someone may want to access tomorrow or three years from now.

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Wasabi not only met my budget requirements, but their policy of not charging for egress or API calls is ideal because I can’t add funding to that budget line every time we pull data or do more testing in a given month.

– Aaron Miller, Director of IT, Hardin County Government 

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Wasabi’s Object Lock has been a game-changer for us. It allows us an additional level of protection from ransomware that we did not have before. It’s easy to use and easy to manage. 

– Kyle Burnette, Director of IT Infrastructure, Brightstar Care 

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Because Wasabi is cost-effective and high performing, we don’t have to choose between what’s more important in terms of the data we’re backing up – we can send it all to our Wasabi cloud. Wasabi has enabled us to fully protect our environment. 

– Kevin Warenda, Director of IT Services, The Hotchkiss School 

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