Storing Data On-Demand, Wasabi’s Approach To Simplifying Multi-Tenant Data Complexity

March 5, 2024By Shannon Lynch

The Internet is an indispensable utility for success in the modern world, revolutionizing how businesses operate. In an era where digital presence and online operations are not just an option but a necessity, Managed Service Providers (MSPs)  provide the expertise, tools, and support needed to navigate the complexities of IT management. 

MSPs simplify IT infrastructure by consolidating IT services under a single umbrella. Businesses rely on an MSP to manage everything instead of dealing with multiple vendors for internet services, cyber security, data management, and software updates.   

However, operating  IT infrastructure at scale is no easy task. 

The ecosystem for a business is complex and diverse. From network configuration down to billing, infrastructure is distributed and often siloed. Franchise locations and branch sites might be solely responsible for the IT resources they need to be up and running. With higher education, departments have siloed IT implementation and approaches, from research to modernizing their academic sports stadiums. Healthcare organizations have clinics, leading hospitals, and operation sites that must work in sync. Federal sites will have local, state, and federal environments and pop-up sites for emergency events.  

Organizations depend on MSPs for guidance and assistance with cloud migration, not understanding what that might entail. They are unprepared for additional and unpredictable charges from accessing and storing data in the cloud. A challenge they face today is that, in regards to cloud storage, there is no centralized view of cloud storage for accounts.  

Until now. 

Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is built with MSPs in mind, creating a turnkey cloud storage service that brings visibility and centralization into complex multi-tenant cloud environments. From trial account creation to billing and policy adjustment, Wasabi Account Control Manager automates the entire cloud storage management lifecycle. It enables MSPs, partners, and resellers to administer all channel partners under one contract easily, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple sales channels and resellers.  

Quick provisioning  

Wasabi Account Control Manager is like a CRM cloud storage system, allowing you to provision free accounts for potential clients quickly. MSPs can spin up accounts, see if the trial has been activated, and extend trials for accounts that require more review before implementation.  

Reduced time-to-market 

Cloud storage can be implemented in minutes, giving MSPs the flexibility and agility to capitalize on new markets. If unforeseen events like a merger or acquisition, a need for pop-up sites, or a client has a new location opening up, Wasabi Account Control Manager enables an MSP to get cloud storage ready in just a few clicks.  

Simplified billing 

Complex infrastructure usually implies complex billing. Different organizations will have different billing requirements and needs. Wasabi Account Control Manager streamlines billing across all managed accounts in one consolidated system but allows MSPs to tailor billing to the individual client.  

In short, Wasabi Account Control Manager helps MSPs accelerate cloud storage deployment, creating a bundled storage-as-a-service ready for any reseller or managed service provider to use on day one.  

To learn more how Wasabi Account Control Manager can impact your business, find out here. 


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