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The Channel’s #1 Choice for Cloud Storage

Value added resellers (VARs) and system integrators win more deals when they sell Wasabi. 

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Why do resellers love selling Wasabi?

Because their customers can't get enough of Wasabi. Our low-cost, predictably priced single tier of highly performant and secure cloud storage is a no-brainer value prop that sells itself.


  • Low per-TB pricing with no additional fees help partners win more deals  

  • Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model provides additional ways to increase margins

  • Simple to understand and pitch to prospects

Easy add-on

  • Position with applications you already sell to earn more margin   

  • Low-cost, high-impact solution for backup and archiving  

  • Integration with 350+ leading applications

Customer Demand

  • Wasabi is a trusted and growing worldwide brand

  • Wasabi has an impressive customer retention rate – renewals made easy  

  • Infinite storage scalability with the ability to cross-sell for continued growth 

Our customers were telling us that their end users were demanding a storage option in the cloud that was easy to use, easy to understand, and with an easy pricing model that simplifies budget planning. They were asking for Wasabi. 

Simon Russin, Director of the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace 

Easily manage a multi-tenant storage business

Wasabi Account Control Manager automates and simplifies all aspects of selling Wasabi cloud storage as a service.

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Automate the account lifecycle

Take a hands-off approach to the account management lifecycle, from trial account creation to billing and policy adjustment. 

Reduce time-to-market

Cut down implementation time from days to minutes and ramp up service delivery to your customers. 


Simplify billing

Streamline billing across all managed accounts and channels through consolidated invoicing. 

Provision trial accounts quickly

Provision free trial accounts in minutes and easily convert them to paid production accounts when ready. 

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