Wasabi 2024 Cloud Storage Index Report

Insights and trends from Wasabi’s 2024 survey of infrastructure decision-makers and cloud storage users

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Cloud storage remains an essential ingredient in modern IT infrastructure environments

Wasabi conducted an online survey of over 1,200 IT decision makers on their organizations’ purchase and decision making process around cloud storage services.

  • Survey panel and fieldwork led by Vanson Bourne, a UK-based survey house 
  • Global geos include North America, EMEA, and APAC  
  • Industry segmentation includes healthcare, finance, media & entertainment, education, MSPs, state/local government, federal government, technology & telecom, and manufacturing

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Wasabi 2024 Cloud Storage Index Report

Cloud storage capacity is expected to grow in 2024

The data is clear. Enthusiasm for cloud storage is on the rise. Respondents overwhelmingly predict they will increase their data storage in the cloud in 2024, with a 9% increase compared to last year.

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The top 3 buyer considerations when choosing a cloud storage services provider:

Integration with third-party platforms

Native data protection, security, and compliance features

Commitment to sustainability

The good and the bad of cloud storage spending

The bad? 53% of organizations exceeded budgeted spending on public cloud storage in 2023.

The good? Excess spending isn’t always because of fee structures and billing complexity. Growing utilization of cloud storage services and data are two of the leading reasons why organizations are exceeded budgeted spend on cloud storage in 2023 – which indicates they are getting more value out of their data and service(s):

  • 45% of organizations say they exceeded budget because of additional migration of applications/data to cloud than originally anticipated, and
  • 42% of organizations say they exceeded budget because they are using more storage than originally planned
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