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No matter what you’re moving—backups, archives, or active data—migrating to the Wasabi cloud offers the freedom to store without limits. 

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Cloud storage fees got you down?

Despite faster and cheaper storage technology, deploying and managing your own enterprise storage infrastructure continues to be expensive and labor-intensive. Moving infrequently accessed data, backups, and archival content to the cloud is a great data management strategy.

Unfortunately, many IT decision-makers have experienced runaway costs with hyperscaler clouds due to complicated tiering and unpredictable fees. 

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Let Wasabi solve your cloud problems

Say goodbye to unpredictable costs, complicated tiering, and volatile egress and transaction pricing when you migrate to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. 


  • Predictable pricing model  

  • CapEx or OpEx spending  

  • No fees for egress or API requests 


  • Hands-off maintenance  

  • Single hot tier of storage  

  • Invest in capacity, not equipment 


  • Bottomless storage repository  

  • Free up valuable on-prem capacity  

  • Delay expensive hardware upgrades 


  • Enterprise-class security

  • Immutability at the bucket and object level 

  • Industry-leading account security

Ready to migrate to Wasabi?

Migrate large datasets originating either in a third-party public cloud or an on-premises data center and accelerate your time to value with one of these data ingest options.

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

Ideal for cloud-to-cloud migration or to enable a multicloud strategy 

Wasabi Direct Connect

High-speed, private connection from your on-prem or colo data center 

Wasabi Ball

Data transfer appliance to move large on-prem datasets to the Wasabi cloud 

File Acceleration

Using Signiant Jet, accelerate file transfers for on-prem migration to the Wasabi cloud 

For us it was quite an easy experience. All we needed to do was set up where data was coming from and where it was going in Wasabi, and Wasabi made it all happen.

Chris Hanson, Chief Technology Officer, Office Solutions IT

Onprem vs Wasabi

Move more, save more

You can store data in Wasabi’s cloud for less than the annual maintenance and power fees on the same amount of on-premises storage. Thanks to our low cost per terabyte and no fees for egress and API requests, the hyperscale clouds don’t even come close. 

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