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Premium support plan

No charge for egress or API requests

You shouldn't need a business analyst to figure out your monthly storage bill. With Wasabi, you pay just one low rate for capacity only. No hidden fees means you can plan your budget to the penny and never go over it, no matter how much you access your data.

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Wasabi Pay as You Go pricing vs. the hyperscalers

See the incredible savings for yourself. Use our cost calculator to compare our flat-rate (starting at $6.99 per TB/month) Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage against the hyperscalers.

Our calculator provides an estimate of your overall costs based on current hyperscaler fees for capacity and egress. Your actual fees depend on a number of variables, including actual usage, API requests, and geographic location.

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Reserved Capacity Storage

CapEx your cloud storage

Get even greater savings and cost predictability when you purchase a set amount of capacity in advance. With Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage, cloud storage moves from OpEx to CapEx. It's ideal for enterprises wishing to scale capacity while delaying costly on-prem infrastructure upgrades.

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Purchase in 1, 3, or 5 year increments

No fees for egress or API requests

Premium support plan

Up to 80% less than Amazon S3

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